Saturday, 07 July
Vigil of Sunday
by Butch and Mary Jane Ritzo

Sunday, 08 July
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
by the Catizone family

Monday, 09 July
St. Augustine Zhao Rong, priest, and companions, martyrs (OptMem)
08:00 am — JENNIE DeLUCA (15th anniversary)
by Celeste

Tuesday, 10 July
rescheduled from 05 July

Wednesday, 11 July
St. Benedict, abbot (OblMem)
08:00 am — Deceased: PITTS and ROVINSKY FAMILIES
by Dolores Pitts

Thursday, 12 July
08:00 am — THOMAS MORAN
by Thomasina Moran

Friday, 13 July
St. Henry (OptMem)
08:00 am — God’s blessings: MICHAEL and PATRICIA O’CONNOR
(25th wedding anniversary)
by Michael

Saturday, 14 July
Bd. Kateri Tekakwitha, virgin (OblMem)
08:00 am — Rev. ROBERT R. FAGAN
by EBC
Vigil of Sunday
05:30 pm — JOHN J. and SUSAN CUFF
by Kay Ellen Kuchinsky

Sunday, 15 July
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
by the Canavan and Gillis families


Saturday, 07 July
Vigil of Sunday
by Josette Machese

Sunday, 08 July
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
08:30 am — Deceased: HOLY NAME SOCIETY
by the HNS

Monday, 09 July
St. Augustine Zhao Rong, priest, and companions, martyrs (OptMem)
07:00 pm — DAN WOZNISKY
by OPM

Tuesday, 10 July
by Edna Labie

Wednesday, 11 July
St. Benedict, abbot (OblMem)
rescheduled from 04 July

Thursday, 12 July
07:00 pm — RAYMOND N. CARAVAN (2nd anniversary)
by his wife, Jean

Friday, 13 July
St. Henry (OptMem)
05:00 pm — PATRICIA LAKE
by Alfred and Anne Zielinski

Saturday, 14 July
Vigil of Sunday
by Granny and Pap

Sunday, 15 July
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
by the Connell family

stjos/stvdp: 07.08.2012 - 01

30 JUNE / 01 JULY

Saint Joseph Parish
Receipts for parish purposes: : $916.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $33.00 from the second collection (plate); $282.00 from the Dues envelopes; $21.00 from the Building maintenance envelopes; $56.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,308.00
Receipts for non-parish purposes: — 0 —
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1,308.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($269.31), plus our weekly premium for various insurances ($512.77), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($358.17), the sum total of which is $1,140.25, one sees that $167.75 is available from this collection for operating the parish.

Saint Vincent DePaul Parish:
Receipts for parish purposes: $1,041.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $62.00 from the second collection (plate); $215.00 from the Dues envelopes; $10.00 from the Building maintenance envelopes; $78.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,406.00
Receipts for non-parish purposes: $35.00 from the Peter’s Pence envelopes
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1406.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($231.00), plus our weekly premium for various insurances ($308.85), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($250.98), the sum total of which is $790.83, one sees that $615.17 is available from this collection for operating the parish.


Wednesday, 11 July
02:30 to 03:30 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Thursday, 12 July
06:00 to 07:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Friday, 13 July
06:30 to 07:30 pm
St. Joseph Chapel


Wednesday, 11 July
02:00 to 04:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church
Scripture Rosary at about 03:40 pm, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Friday, 13 July
06:00 to 08:00 pm
St. Joseph Chapel
Vespers at about 07:30 pm, followed by Chaplet of Divine Mercy,
concluding with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Once it dawns on you that the consecrated Host in the monstrance is a Person and not an object, once it dawns on you that the consecrated Host in the monstrance is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity in His glorified human Body, at that point you will not have to be cajoled into stopping in for a few minutes for Exposition.

stjos/stvdp: 07.08.2012 - 02

DESPITE WHAT YOU HAVE READ in the tabloids and heard on TV, we would like you to know that the MARRIAGE of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has not broken up and will not break up. What has broken up is the ARRANGEMENT between the aforementioned Mr. Cruise and Miss Holmes.
(WARNING: Before reading any further, please be aware that this article has been written by a practicing Catholic! Practicing Catholics have a distinct perspective on reality, especially the reality known as “marriage”, as a result of which practicing Catholics are often regarded as “strange” by persons who don’t take God all that seriously. If, after reading this article, you find yourself in agreement, then you probably qualify as being “strange”. If so, rejoice and be glad! That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has said about you all day!)
So, why do we say that Tom and Katie’s marriage is NOT breaking up? That’s easy to answer. It’s because Tom and Katie were never actually married. It is impossible for a couple to “break up” their marriage if they’re not married, while it is possible for them to break up an arrangement. While it is true that they took out a marriage license and went through a ritual of some sort in an elaborate setting in a castle in Italy, a ritual that kind of looked like a marriage ceremony, they were never validly married. And if a man and a woman are not “validly” married, they’re not married! It’s as simple as that! (Valid means “real”, “actual”, “genuine”, etc.)
Tom Cruise is a Catholic and used to be a practicing Catholic. Katie Holmes is a Catholic and used to be a practicing Catholic. Both of them had abandoned the Catholic Church and joined the Church of Scientology. By doing this, they excommunicated themselves from the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, they did not cease to be bound by the laws of God and of the Church in regard to marriage. Therefore, when they went through the “marriage” ceremony in 2006, they did not become a married couple.
Now let me concoct a little scenario for the sake of making a point: If Tom shows up at St. Vincent dePaul Rectory and wants to talk to me about getting married to one of my parishioners, I shall be very kind and courteous to him (and to the lady). I shall say to Tom: “Okay, Mr. Cruise, it’s my understanding that, although you’ve attempted marriage three times — Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes — you have never been married in the presence of a Catholic priest. So, the fact is that you have never been married. Now, if you’ll just be patient, let me help you fill out some papers and I’ll send them in to the appropriate diocesan tribunal and I’m quite certain that you will be declared free to marry. It is a very simple process. It’s called ‘petition for a declaration of nullity on the basis of lack of canonical form’.” Then I would tell Tom that I expect him to go to Confession (to the priest of his choice) and to renounce his membership in the Church of Scientology. If he agrees to all of that, I’ll tell him and his fiancée that I shall be happy to officiate at their wedding here in Girardville. I would, of course, require them to take the appropriate pre-marital counseling offered by the Diocese (or a suitable alternative) and I would also ask Tom to please refrain from jumping up and down on my couch.
If, on the other hand, it is Katie who shows up, wanting to get married to a gentleman who is a member of one of our Girardville parishes, I would give her the same courteous treatment, except that it would be a tad less complicated, inasmuch as she has attempted marriage only once — as opposed to Tom, who has attempted it three times. I wouldn’t need quite as much paperwork for Katie as I would for Tom.
Something tells me that it is highly likely that Katie is going to come back to the practice of the Catholic Faith. Obviously, I don’t know this for certain, but I have an intuition. I think the same thing is possible with Tom, but I’m slightly less optimistic about that. Tom is contending with a multitude of demons. May God give him the grace to overcome these demons and, like the demoniac in the Gospel, return to his right mind. I think I’ll say a prayer for Tom and Katie — and for their little daughter, Suri. Would you do the same? The little girl, already six years old, needs to have the saving waters of Baptism poured over her. I hope this happens soon.

stjos/stvdp:07.08.2012 - 03

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION pictures are available for pick-up in St. Vincent dePaul Rectory. If you have not already done so, please stop by to pick up your child’s pictures.
SISTER MARION ETZEL, SDS will be a guest of our two parishes next weekend — 14 / 15 July. Sister has been assigned to us as our MISSIONARY COOPERATIVE speaker. Her community is the SISTERS OF THE DIVINE SAVIOR (commonly known as THE SALVATORIANS). Sister will speak at all four of the weekend Masses.
In preparation for her visit, we are including an insert in THIS weekend’s bulletin, which will give you information about the work of her community. We ask everyone to respond generously to Sister’s appeal.
THE CANDLE IN FRONT OF the Infant of Prague statue in StVdP Church burns this week in memory of Harry and Edna Calvert, at the request of Sharon Smith.
WE WILL BE ASKING YOU TO SIGN petitions this weekend addressed to our two United States Senators (Bob Casey and Pat Toomey) and to our Congressman (Tim Holden), asking them to support us in the struggle to overthrow the requirement imposed on the Catholic Church by the Obama administration to provide contraception in our health insurance plans.
As you certainly know by now, the President and the Department of Health and Human Services (think Sebelius) are trying to force us Catholics to violate our consciences. At stake is our fundamental constitutional right to freedom of religion.
We are not asking you to mail these on your own. Simply sign them, including your address. (Address is necessary, so that you can be identified as a constituent.)
These petitions will be delivered personally to the Senators and the Congressman.
Remember the words of Mike Huckabee, the well-known Baptist preacher, TV personality and former candidate for President, who supports the Catholic Church in this struggle: “We are all Catholics now!”
IF YOU DO YOUR SUPERMARKET SHOPPING AT BOYER’S, please buy our Boyer’s gift cards. Currently, we are selling them in denominations of twenty dollars. You give us $20.00. We give you a card worth $20.00 which you give to the cashier at Boyer’s. The parish earns five-percent. It’s a good deal. You don’t lose anything and the parish gains something. The parish earns five cents on each dollar you spend.

stjos/stvdp: 07.08.2012 - 04

Background: This letter arrived in the mail (USPS) on Tuesday, 03 July. The envelope was addressed to “E. Connolly, 260 N. Second St., Girardville PA 17935”. There was no return address, but there was a Girardville postmark. So, I am guessing it came from a person in Girardville. Enclosed in the envelope was a photocopy of an article from the 28 June edition of the Tamaqua Times News. The article reported on the “Day of the Rope” Mass held in Jim Thorpe on 23 June. This is an annual Memorial Mass for the ten men (“Molly Maguires”) who were hanged on 21 June 1877 — four in Jim Thorpe (formerly Mauch Chunk) and six in Pottsville. The celebrants of the Mass were Fr. Patrick Schoenauer, Fr. John McFadden and Msgr. Francis Carbine. Yours truly was not a participant in the Mass and was not even aware of it.

Are they clowns for conducting this service?
Don’t they know the Molly Maguires are guilty of murders?
Don’t you have a Day of the Rope service.
You should be ashamed of yourself for going down Main Street in a Molly Maguire parade.
                                                                                          (Signature indecipherable)

My reply to the above
Dear Sir
(I am sorry I do not know your name):
You would do well to identify yourself clearly when addressing letters to me or to anyone else. It is the courteous and manly thing to do. And, when addressing envelopes to me, would you be so kind as to include my title? “Father” or “Reverend” — either will do. In turn, I shall be happy to address you as “Mister” or “Doctor” or whatever title best suits your state in life. Courtesies like that are the oil on the machinery of life.
Now, in regard to the four points enunciated in your letter, please be advised:
#01 — No, the three priests who concelebrated this Mass are NOT “clowns”. They are Catholic priests. Catholic priests offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It’s what we do. Often we do so for the happy repose of the souls of the faithful departed. It is especially appropriate to do so on or about the anniversaries of the deaths. The ten men who were hanged on 21 June 1877 are among “the faithful departed”. Scripture tells us, “It is a holy and a wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they might be released from their sins.”
#02 — I have never discussed the history of the “Molly Maguires” with any of the three priests. So, I don’t know what they know or don’t know. I do know that the ten men who were executed were found guilty of murdering people. As to whether they were actually guilty or not, I really don’t know. I don’t rule it out. I suspect that they were not innocent choirboys. They were tough men with a lot of rough edges, no doubt quite capable of violence. At the same time, I suspect that there were extenuating circumstances not given adequate consideration at their trials. Moreover, I suspect that these men saw themselves — rightly or wrongly — as involved in a guerilla war of sorts. They reacted as people often do who are involved in war. It was a sad time in the history of the Irish miners in Pennsylvania. Thank God it is behind us.
#03 — I don’t have any plans at the present time to hold a “Day of the Rope” Mass. Have you heard otherwise? On the other hand, if someone were to ask me to do so, I probably would. Why would I not? Am I not a Catholic priest? Do I not offer Mass? Am I not willing to pray for the dead?
#04 — You tell me that I should be “ashamed” of myself. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am not ashamed of myself! Not one iota! Never in my life have I gone down Main Street (or any other street) in a “Molly Maguire parade”! I suspect you are referring to the annual Saint Patrick Day Parade in Girardville. I have, indeed, participated in that event and, if God spares me, shall do so again, if invited to do so. You may have noticed that I am a Catholic and, therefore, predisposed to honor the saints. And you certainly know that my surname is CONNOLLY. And you might want to know that I am descended (on my father’s side) from KEATING and JOSEPH and MURPHY and a long line of potato eaters. With that kind of pedigree, how could I not be favorable to a Saint Patrick Day Parade? I am grateful to St. Patrick for evangelizing my ancestors.
Have a nice day and stay out of the heat!
Very truly yours,
Fr. Edward B. Connolly

stjos/stvdp: 07.08.2012 - 05

(1895 – 1979)

It is a great joy to be able to type “Venerable” in front of the name of Archbishop Sheen.
He is now officially entitled to be called “Venerable”, inasmuch as, on 28 June 2012, Pope Benedict XVI, after examining the documentation submitted thus far, conferred this title on him.
About ten years ago, Pope John Paul II had conferred upon him the title “Servant of God”.
Both of these are “steps on the way” towards what we hope — God willing — will be the canonization of Archbishop Sheen as “Saint”.
The next step after “Venerable”, contingent upon acceptance of a miracle wrought by God through his intercession, will be beatification, which carries the title “Blessed”.
Many of us remember Bishop Sheen from his time as a preacher on the radio. When television came along, he became a major presence on TV with his “Life Is Worth Living” series.
He was a prolific writer and, for many years, was undoubtedly the best known and most admired Catholic clergyman in the United States.
When I was a child, he was my “hero”. I was one of his most faithful listeners, both on radio and on TV.
In 1955, when I was 17 years old and a senior in high school, I made an appointment to interview him for our high-school newspaper. I met him at his TV studio in New York City. I remember being somewhat tongue-tied upon meeting “the great man himself”. It wasn’t much of an interview, as I recall. He simply took over the conversation. If you were to ask me now what he said, I would have to say, “I really don’t remember!” To be in his presence and to shake hands with him was so overwhelming, the conversation was secondary. I do know that I told him I wanted to be a priest. He said something about “being a good priest”. Then he gave me his blessing and off I went — with stars in my eyes!

stjos/stvdp: 07.08.2012 - 06


There was a story in the Pottsville Republican on 03 July about a Freeland man who was arrested and charged with “theft of property lost, mislaid or delivered by mistake” and “receiving stolen property”.
I think this is an interesting (and somewhat unusual) story and is worth thinking about — which is why I am mentioning it in the bulletin.
Here is the story in a nutshell: A gentleman who had been employed for two years by Mrs. T’s Pierogies (ATEECO) in Shenandoah was discharged. (Whether “fired” or simply “laid off” was not specified.)
He was told to come in to pick up his final pay checks (salary plus unused sick and vacation days). The net amount that he had coming to him was $831.55. Because of some bizarre errors made by the payroll department, the total amount of the checks issued to him came to $10,402!
The discharged employee did not complain! He did not argue! He simply took the checks and left the premises. This was on 24 May 2012. Five days later (29 May), he cashed (or deposited) the checks. Soon thereafter, he spent the money. (At least, that is what he said he did.) So, on 06 June, when ATEECO contacted him and asked him to return the overpayment ($9,570.45), he declined to do so. He said he had already spent the money, implying (I guess) something like this: “No way am I going to return it! I didn’t steal it! You gave it to me! If it was a mistake, it was your mistake, not mine! Your stupidity is my good fortune!” (He didn’t actually say that. I’m just trying to convey what I think might have been in his mind.)
So, let’s delve into the morality of this case — and let’s presume that the facts are as they were related in the newspaper article.
When we say “morality”, we are talking about “virtue” and “vice”. We are talking about a person’s relationship with God. We are talking about “morally good acts” vs “morally neutral acts” vs “sinful acts”.
The question boils down to this: Is it a sin for a person to take something of value that does not rightfully belong to him, if he acquires it due to the mistake or inadvertence of some other party, whether that other party be an individual human being or a merchant or a corporation?
For example

• I find a wallet lying on the ground. I pick it up and find that it contains three hundred dollars in cash, plus credit cards and other personal cards. Some of the cards clearly identify the owner. Do I have a MORAL OBLIGATION to contact the owner in order to return the wallet to him, with all of its contents intact? (Notice I did not ask whether it would be “a nice thing to do”. We all agree that it would be “a nice thing to do”. I asked whether I would have a MORAL OBLIGATION to return it!) In other words, would it be a sin — an offense against God — for me to stonewall it and simply pocket the cash and whatever else I thought was of value in the wallet? The answer is YES, I do have a MORAL OBLIGATION to return it and YES, it would be a sin — A MORTAL SIN — if I did not make any effort to return it.
• I go to Turkey Hill and buy whatever. The clerk says, “That will be eight dollars and forty-seven cents.” I take out a ten dollar bill and hand it to her. I’m pretty good at mental arithmetic, so I anticipate that she will give me one dollar and fifty-three cents in change. But she actually gives me back eleven dollars and fifty-three cents in change. She says, “Have a nice day.” I say, “Yeah, have a nice day”. I exit quickly and get into my car. I say to myself, “My lucky day! That gal thought I gave her a twenty instead of a ten!” And I drive off quickly before she can call me and say, “Sir, come back, please! I gave you the wrong change!”
Question: Did I commit a sin? Answer: Yes! Absolutely! I did, indeed, commit a sin! Was it a mortal sin or a venial sin? God would have to be the judge of that, but I suspect that it was more likely a mortal sin than a venial sin. (It would certainly be a mortal sin if yours truly — a priest — were to do such a thing!)

I respectfully suggest that parents and other responsible persons talk about matters such as these with their children. The cynics say, “Well, you know, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.” But that’s true only if humans allow themselves to devolve into dogs. We are supposed to be raising humans, not pit bulls. We are supposed to be preparing our children for Heaven, not for Hell. In Heaven, nobody cheats anybody. In Hell, everybody cheats everybody. Hell is the real dog-eat-dog world — 24 / 7 — through unending ages of darkness, dreariness, confusion, hatred and stench. We don’t want to go there.

stjos/stvdp: 07.01.2012 - 07


I’m referring, of course, to “Goliath of Gath”, the gentleman who went mano a mano with David. As you know, Goliath was a gentleman of rather impressive physical size and strength, whereas David was just a yukky kid — probably about 14 years old. Not only that, but Goliath had just come from Cabela’s where he had purchased some heavy-duty armor and munitions. David, on the other hand, chose to forego armor of any kind and, as for munitions, he settled for his trusty slingshot.
We all know the story. If you need a refresher, you can go to 1 Samuel 17.
I was reading this story last week while praying “Office of Readings” (part of the Divine Office). The Bible translation in my edition of the Divine Office is THE JERUSALEM BIBLE. Here is how verse 17, 04 reads in that version: “A champion stepped out from the Philistine ranks; his name was Goliath, from Gath; he was six cubits and one span tall.”
I paused there and asked myself, “What’s a cubit and what’s a span? I used to know that stuff, but age has taken its toll! I think I’ll look it up.” So, I went to a dictionary and found out that a cubit is about eighteen inches and a span is about nine inches. So, I did the math.

6 cubits x 18 inches in a cubit + 9 inches in one span = 117 inches total.
117 inches ÷ 12 inches to a foot = 9.75 feet.
9.75 feet is 9 feet 9 inches.
So! Now I know! Goliath was 9 feet 9 inches tall!

So! Now I know! Goliath was 9 feet 9 inches tall!
“That’s pretty tall” said I to myself. “That’s not short!” Now I shall be all set just in case some winsome young lad rings the Rectory doorbell and says, “Father Connolly, can you please tell me how tall Goliath was?” I shall say, with an air of confidence, “My dear child, I’m happy you asked! Why, Goliath was exactly six cubits and one span tall.” And the lad will say, “Gee whiz, Father Connolly! I’m just a little kid. I don’t know what cubits and spans are! Could you please translate that into measurements that even a winsome young child like me can understand?” And I shall say, “Certainly, my boy! In terms that even a winsome young child like you can understand, please know that Goliath was nine feet, nine inches tall!” And the lad will say, “Golly, gee willikers, Father Connolly, you must know everything there is to know! You must be the smartest priest that ever there was!” And I shall say, “Oh now, child. Hush up! How you do talk! You run along now and remember to say your prayers!”
I wish that were the end of my article about the height of Goliath of Gath, but it’s not.
Some days later, I just happened to check out 1 Samuel 17 in the NEW AMERICAN BIBLE translation. Here is that same verse (17, 04) in the NAB: “A champion named Goliath of Gath came out from the Philistine camp; he was six and a half feet tall.”
“What?” said I to myself. “Six feet six inches? That’s a far cry from nine feet nine inches!”

My confidence is shaken! What’s a poor parish priest like me supposed to do when that winsome young child rings the Rectory doorbell and asks him how tall Goliath was? If and when that happens, I think I’ll just say, “Kid, the Bible says that Goliath was six cubits plus one span tall.” Period! And if the kid asks me to translate that into current units of measure, I’ll tell him to check it out with Father Brennan.
Next time I talk to Pope Benedict, I’ll ask him to issue an infallible decision on the exact height of Goliath of Gath. He probably doesn’t have anything better to do with his time!
I’ll suggest he go for nine feet nine inches.

stjos/stvdp: 07.01.2012 - 08

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