Saturday, 04 February
Vigil of Sunday
05:30 pm — TIMOTHY and ANNIE (Keating) CONNOLLY
by their grandson, Edward

Sunday, 05 February
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
by the LAOH

Monday, 06 February
St. Paul Miki and companions, martyrs (OblMem)
by OPM

Tuesday, 07 February
by Salvatore and Mary (Hribick) Modesto

Wednesday, 08 February
St. Jerome Emiliani, priest; St. Josephine Bakhita, virgin (OptMems)
by his wife, Jean

Thursday, 09 February
by Jean Birster Weist

Friday, 10 February
St. Scholastica, virgin (OblMem)
08:00 am — Sister MIRIAM EIDENSHINK, OSF
by Alfred and Anne (Connolly) Zielinski

Saturday, 11 February
Our Lady of Lourdes (OptMem)
08:00 am — EDWARD LISZCZ
by OPM
Vigil of Sunday
by their grandson, Edward

Sunday, 12 February
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
11:30 am — HELEN SWEENEY CANAVAN (22nd anniversary)
by George, Bob and Ida Mae


Saturday, 04 February
Vigil of Sunday
by his wife, Alice

Sunday, 05 February
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
by Jim and Georgann Connell

Monday, 06 February
St. Paul Miki and companions, martyrs (OblMem)
by OPM

Tuesday, 07 February
by OPM

Wednesday, 08 February
St. Jerome Emiliani, priest; St. Josephine Bakhita, virgin (OptMems)
07:00 pm — WALTER S. PARAMBO
by OPM

Thursday, 09 February
by her daughter, Barbara

Friday, 10 February
St. Scholastica, virgin (OblMem)
by OPM

Saturday, 11 February
Vigil of Sunday
by Alice Walaconis Chiaretti

Sunday, 12 February
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
by the HNS

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 01

28 / 29 JANUARY

Saint Joseph Parish
Receipts for parish purposes: $1,222.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $33.00 from the second collection (plate); $85.00 from the Dues envelopes; $20.00 from the Building maintenance envelopes; $105.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,465.00
Receipts for non-parish purposes: — $111.00 from the Catholic Relief envelopes —
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1,465.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($329.54), plus our weekly premium for property and casualty insurance ($464.00), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($358.17), the sum total of which is $1,151.17, one sees that $313.83 is available from this collection for operating the parish.

Saint Vincent DePaul Parish:
Receipts for parish purposes: $1,085.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $59.00 from the second collection (plate); $17.00 from the Dues envelopes; $45.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,206.00
Receipts for non-parish purposes: — $199.00 from the Catholic Relief envelopes —
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1,206.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($229.38), plus our weekly premium for property and casualty insurance ($282.46), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($250.98), the sum total of which is $762.82, one sees that $443.18 is available from this collection for operating the parish.


Wednesday, 08 February
02:30 to 03:30 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Thursday, 09 February
06:00 to 07:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Friday, 10 February
06:30 to 07:30 pm
St. Joseph Chapel


Wednesday, 08 February
02:00 to 04:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church
Scripture Rosary at about 03:40 pm

Friday, 10 February
06:00 to 08:00 pm
St. Joseph Chapel
Vespers at about 07:30 pm, followed by Chaplet of Divine Mercy


GOING TO CONFESSION IS SORT OF LIKE THIS: You know you are guilty. The cops know you are guilty. The District Attorney knows you are guilty. All the prospective members of the jury know you are guilty. The Judge knows you are guilty. Your defense attorney knows you are guilty. For crying out loud, even your sweet old mother knows you are guilty. But the Judge says to the DA: “Tell you what. Let’s give this guy a break. Tell him to come in to my private chambers and admit that he’s guilty. If he does, I’ll give him a sweetheart deal. No jail, no fine, no nothing! Just a few fatherly words of advice and out he goes! If he turns down this deal, we’ll have a trial and send him up the river.” So, the DA tells you what the Judge said. Now, tell me: What are you going to do? Are you going to refuse the Judge’s offer? Are you going to say, “I ain’t gonna go in and talk to no judge! I ain’t admittin’ nuttin’. I’ll take my chances with the jury!” If that’s your attitude, my friend, I would say you are not the brightest bulb in God’s chandelier!

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 02

THANK YOU to those who put some money into the poor boxes this past week. We are grateful to you. Believe me when I tell you that we do our best to provide help for people who come to us for help. Some people need temporary lodging. Some need food. Some need help with the rent or with utility bills. The poor boxes are our principal source of income for taking care of the poor.
THANK YOU (belatedly) to our local Knights of Columbus Council. This past October, the K of C donated $50.00 to help with the expense of taking people to and from Washington DC for the annual Diocesan Pilgrimage. As it turned out, we had sufficient money to take care of this particular expense. (Some one was particularly generous to us in this matter.) So, we put the $50.00 from the K of C towards the expenses of taking people to and from the Pro-Life March in Washington DC on 23 January. We really appreciated the donation, especially because we incurred a deficit this year in running that particular trip. Quite a few cancelled out because of the weather.
THE CANDLE IN FRONT OF THE INFANT OF PRAGUE STATUE burns this week in memory of Jonas and Rita Smith, at the request of Sharon Smith.
THANK YOU TO those who contributed to the fund for Esther Kimmel’s surgery. Between the two parishes, we received $1,165.00, which we gave to the Kimmel family. This broke down to: one contribution of $1,000.00; three contributions of $50.00; one contribution of $10.00; one contribution of $5.00. It is quite likely that other parishioners donated directly to the family.


23 June 1923 — 31 January 2012
Ordained a Priest: 11 June 1949
Ordained a Bishop: 24 November 1980
Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn: 1980 to 1983
Bishop of Pittsburgh: 1983 to 1988
Archbishop of Philadelphia: 1988 to 2003
Created Cardinal: 1991

His Eminence was our Metropolitan Archbishop during his term as Archbishop of Philadelphia, inasmuch as Allentown is a suffragan see of Philadelphia. He went through the crucible of suffering during his time as Archbishop of Philadelphia and especially during his time of retirement (2003 to 2012). May God be gracious and merciful to our Shepherd, Anthony. Let him rest from his labors for his good deeds follow him.
Eternal rest grant unto Anthony, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

stjos/stvdp:02.05.2012 - 03


Several Girl Scout troops in Chantilly, Virginia have been banned from meeting at a local Catholic church and a neighboring school. St. Timothy Church says that scouts won’t be allowed to meet or wear their uniforms on church property. The edict also applies to the parish elementary school. The decision stems from what the church calls an affiliation with Planned Parenthood by the Girl Scouts parent organization.(WRC-TV)
Comment: For quite some time, I have been uneasy about the Girls Scouts of America. Unlike the Boy Scouts of America (which still, as far as I know, maintain the ideals on which they were founded), the GSA has come under the sway of radical feminists who promote “safe sex” and abortion. I suggest that parents of girls of Girl Scout age be on their guard. Know what goes on in your local troop.
Although Joe Paterno will be remembered nationally as "a legend,” Bishop Mark Bartchak said the iconic football coach will be best remembered in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown as "a good Catholic, a family man and a friend to many." Bishop Bartchak expressed his appreciation for the efforts Paterno, and his wife, Sue, made in raising funds for the new Catholic campus ministry center at Penn State. (CNS)
Comment: I have always been an admirer of Joe Paterno and my admiration for him was not diminished by the claims that he was negligent in the matter of Jerry Sandusky. I do not believe that he was negligent. I think he did what he should have done based on the knowledge that he had and his position in relation to the accused. I think Joe got a raw deal from Penn State. He was a sacrificial lamb. But that’s not my main point. My main point is simply that the Bishop of Altoona-Johnstown said what was really important about JoePa. He said that Joe was “a good Catholic, a family man and a friend to many”. What greater encomium could any man receive at the end of his days? Rest in peace, Coach Paterno! God love you!
Harrisburg Bishop Joseph McFadden is facing heat after comments he made during an interview last week. The Anti-Defamation League, the ACLU and others are criticizing his word choice in describing a state without school choice. McFadden said without vouchers public education would be a monolith like “what Hitler and Mussolini...tried to establish.” In a statement, McFadden apologized to anyone he offended. (WHTM-TV)
Comment: With all due respect to His Excellency, the Bishop of Harrisburg, I think he was ill advised to “apologize to anyone I offended”. He would have done better to say, “Quod dixi, dixi!” (“What I said, I said!”) and let it go at that. Here are the actual words that the ADL and the ACLU objected to: "In a totalitarian government, they would love our system. This is what Hitler and Mussolini and them tried to establish, a monolith, so all the children would be educated in one set of beliefs and one way of doing things." The only thing I find wrong in this statement is the word “them”. (The Bishop needs to watch his grammar!) Other than that, the statement is accurate! Since when did the ADL and the ACLU acquire a copyright to references to Hitler and Mussolini? These two villains belong to all of us, to be trotted out as we see fit when government severely overreaches!
The bottom line in this whole dust-up is that the ACLU and the ADL won and Bishop McFadden lost! That’s a shame! I hope Bishop McFadden will not be so quick to apologize the next time he uses a strong analogy in order to make a point.
Perhaps Jesus should apologize to the American College of Ophthalmologists for having told us that, if our eye causes us to sin, we should pluck it out or should apologize to the American College of Orthopedic Surgeons for having told us that, if our right hand causes us to sin, we should cut it off!
No, I don’t think so.

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 04

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

Francis Cardinal George
Archbishop of Chicago

THIS REMARK MADE RECENTLY BY CARDINAL GEORGE struck me rather forcefully. In case you don’t know, Cardinal George is a 75-year-old bishop who recently submitted his letter of resignation to the Pope, as is required of all bishops who turn 75. He said that he anticipates that the Pope will give him a couple of more years in Chicago before he pulls the cord. Something else to be known about Cardinal George is that he is well known to be a reasonable man, a lawyer by training, not given to making wild or apocalyptic statements. It would seem from the statement cited above that the Cardinal is not wildly optimistic about the short-term future of the Church in Chicago!!!
We have been hinting rather broadly in these bulletins in recent years that the Catholic Church is moving closer and closer to a time of persecution and I don’t mean “persecution in some benighted Third World nation”. I mean persecution in the United States of America and in western Europe.
I take it that His Eminence Cardinal George sees what I see — and what many others see.
Let’s put it this way: The gloves are coming off! The Dragon is chomping at the bit! The gates of Hell are swinging open! The ovens of the Abortion Industry are glowing hot! Moloch’s belly is growling! Dame Chastity has been expelled from the public school system! Condoms are being thrown at Catholic school girls in Rhode Island! Pornography is available to all at no charge! Furious hatred towards the Catholic Church is palpable. You can see it in the media. You can feel it in the air. You can almost taste it! Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, says openly that Obama lied to him. Tell me! When is the last time you heard the Archbishop of New York say that the President of the United States lied to him???
We are living in remarkable times, a prelude to a time of distress. Hold onto your hat. Hold onto your pajamas. Hold onto your toothbrush, your teddy bear, your grandmother — and anything else that’s helpless! Circle the wagons! Pray the Rosary! Pray that the Lord will shorten the time of distress. If He does not, no one will survive. But we believe that, for the sake of the Elect, He will shorten it.
Encourage as many of your non-practicing Catholic relatives and friends as possible to come back to the practice of the Faith. Encourage as many of your non-Catholic relatives and friends as possible to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. There is still time left, but it is running out.
Postscript to the above: Have you ever wondered why it is that the forces of Hell and their allies in the media and in the White House, the Congress and the Supreme Court never seem to bother with attacking the Lutherans, the Episcopalians, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the “Non-Demoninationalers”, the UCCers, et al? I can answer that question quite readily. It is because none of the above poses any threat to the establishment. (The World loves those who belong to the World.) They have all sold out, some more than others. All of them have silently (some not so silently) acquiesced to what the World has demanded of them. All of them are pro-choice (loathsome and deceptive term!). All of them are pro-sodomy. All of them (with the possible exception of the Baptists) are pro-homosexual marriage. All of them (without exception) have long since surrendered to artificial contraception. All of them are headed for extinction. The Catholic Church — that assembly of Christians who are in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Rock on which Christ built His Church — will endure until the Second Coming of the Lord, and into Eternity.


stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 05


THE FOLLOWING ARE THE PERSONS WHO TRAVELLED TO WASHINGTON DC on Monday, 23 January, on the bus chartered by St. Joseph Parish / St. Vincent dePaul Parish, in order to participate in the annual MARCH FOR LIFE.
To them are addressed these words from a letter Pope Benedict XVI sent to the Bishops of the United States:

“His Holiness is deeply grateful to all who take part in this outstanding annual witness to the Gospel of Life and to the many others who support them by fasting and prayer. He urges them — as followers of Christ and as responsible citizens concerned for the future of our society — to persevere in their effort to ensure legal protection for the most defenseless members of the human family.”

Bernardyn, Len
Bernardyn, Virginia
Brophy, Dolores
Connolly, Edward B.
Cuthie, Mary
Cuthie, Mike
Dembinsky, Paul
Dembinsky, Sidney
Dembinsky, Zoe
Domalakes, Karen
Feeney, Jim
Gilmartin, Jerome
Girard, Anne
Girard, Anne
Hutta, John
King, Ellen T.
Major, Nannette
Pilo, Tony
 Setlock, John
Stefanski, Marilyn
Stutzman, Colleen
Thye, David
Thye, Susan
Tranquillo, Aaron
Tranquillo, Ann Marie
Yackenchick, Albert J. Jr

St. Vincent dePaul Parish Hall
Sunday, 26 February
Doors open at 12:00 noon
Auction begins at 02:00 pm
Please do your part!
(1) Attend!
(2) Purchase the $15.00 packet!
(3) Donate prizes!
(4) Tell your friends and neighbors about it!

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 06

                                   OFFICE OF THE BISHOP
Mailing Address
                                POST OFFICE BOX F
                        ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA




(610) 437-0755
Fax (610) 433-7822


I write to you concerning an alarming and serious matter that negatively impacts the Church in the
United States directly, and that strikes at the fundamental right to religious liberty for all citizens of my faith,
The federal government, which claims to be "of, by, and for the people," has just dealt a heavy blow to almost
a quarter of those people-the Catholic population-and to the millions more who are served by the Catholic

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced last week that almost all employers,
including Catholic employers, will be forced to offer their employees health coverage that includes
sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception. Almost all health insurers will be forced to include
those "services" in the heath policies they write. And almost all individuals will be forced to buy that
coverage as a part of their policies.

In so ruling, the Administration has cast aside the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United
States, denying to Catholics our Nation's first and most fundamental freedom, that of religious liberty. And
as a result, unless the rule is overturned, we Catholics will be compelled either to violate our consciences, or
to drop health coverage for our employees (and suffer the penalties for doing so). The Administration's sole
concession was to give our institutions one year to comply.

We cannot - we will not - comply with this unjust law. People of faith cannot be made second class
citizens. We are already joined by our brothers and sisters of all faiths and many others of good will in this
important effort to regain our religious freedom. Our parents and grandparents did not come to these shores to
help build America's cities and towns, its infrastructure and institutions, its enterprise and culture, only to
have their posterity stripped of their God given rights. In generations past, the Church has always been able to
count on the faithful to stand up and protect her sacred rights and duties. I hope and trust she can count on
this generation of Catholics to do the same. Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less.

And therefore, I would ask of you two things. First, as a community of faith we must commit
ourselves to prayer and fasting that wisdom and justice may prevail, and religious liberty may be restored.
Without God, we can do nothing; with God, nothing is impossible. Second, I would also recommend visiting, to learn more about this severe assault on religious liberty, and how to contact
Congress in support of legislation that would reverse the Administration's decision.

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 07


I came across this paragraph in an article I read this past week. The writer is Anthony M. Esolen, PhD, a distinguished Catholic gentleman, a professor of English at Providence College, an author, translator and blogger.
We live in a world that is saturated in darkness and self-serving lies. It is so refreshing to read something like this. We say, “By golly! That’s the truth!” Thank you, Professor Esolen!

If a man says to his wife, “I am no longer in love with you, so I am seeking a divorce,” he is being flatly dishonest. He is attempting to cast as a state of being, as something that just happens, like the weather, what is really the result of his own free choices. No one “falls” out of love, since love by its nature is what one chooses to give. The truth would sound like this: “I no longer choose to give myself to you. I am breaking the solemn promise I made before God and man. I am committing adultery with another woman, and I seek to reward myself for that adultery by dismissing you and marrying her.”

It was Friday, 03 February 2012, when I heard the following words fall from the lips of none other than Bill O’Reilly, the shy, modest, self-effacing, soft-spoken King of Fox Cable News. I could hardly believe it! I have taken potshots at Bill O’Reilly several times in this bulletin but now I take no potshot. Instead, I send him roses! I say, “Way to go, Bill! God bless you for speaking the truth from your heart. I am glad to know that, despite your bluster and self-assertion, you still fear God. There is hope for you yet!”
The beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the Lord!
Fortunately, I had set my DVR to record “The O’Reilly Factor”, so I was able to back up and scribble the words on the back of an envelope so as to include them accurately in this bulletin.
The context of Bill’s remarks was the giving of money to Planned Parenthood and, by extension, to organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation that provide financial support to Planned Parenthood.

“For me, it’s a simple equation. Upon my death, I don’t want to stand in front of God trying to explain how I supported the destruction of a fetus. I simply don’t want to have to do that.”

Allow me, please, to add to this the following: If you provide financial support or even moral support, either directly or indirectly, to Planned Parenthood, you are committing a Mortal Sin. Planned Parenthood is a profoundly wicked organization. If you tell me that you know some “very nice people” who support Planned Parenthood, I tell you that a substantial portion of the population of Hell is “very nice people”. Some of these “very nice people” are prominent, well-dressed women in our community (and their wimpy husbands) who hold fundraisers for Planned Parenthood. They will never see God face to face — unless, of course, they repent before they die.

stjos/stvdp: 02.05.2012 - 08

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