Saturday, 06 August
Vigil of Sunday
05:30 pm — JOHN (“Jack”) and MARY HALEY
by Henry and Eileen Wayne

Sunday, 07 August
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(11th anniversary)
by her family

Monday, 08 August
St. Dominic, priest (OblMem)
by her brother, John Burns

Tuesday, 09 August
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, virgin, martyr (OptMem)
by Dorothy Rader and family

Wednesday, 10 August
St. Lawrence, deacon, martyr (Fst)
08:00 am — RAYMOND WAYNE
by Henry and Eileen

Thursday, 11 August
St. Clare of Assisi, virgin (OblMem)
08:00 am — TOM KARMOSKY
by OPM

Friday, 12 August
St. Jane Frances deChantal, religious (OptMem)
08:00 am — PETER V. DeLUCA
by his family

Saturday, 13 August
St. Pontian, pope, martyr and St. Hippolytus, priest, martyr (OptMem)
08:00 am — God’s blessings on FAMILY of KRISTIN ALEXANDRA PROCOP
by Frank and Stella Mohan and family
Vigil of Sunday
05:30 pm — ALBERT GILLIS
by John and Mary Theresa Gillis

Sunday, 14 August
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
by Ray and Rose Ann Wayne


Saturday, 06 August
Vigil of Sunday
by his wife and his sons

Sunday, 07 August
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08:30 am — LEON RYAN
by his sister, Elizabeth

Monday, 08 August
St. Dominic, priest (OblMem)
07:00 pm — God’s blessings on SISTER MARY RAYMOND, OP
by her parents, David and Susan

Tuesday, 09 August
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, virgin, martyr (OptMem)
by Ann Hribick Gardiner

Wednesday, 10 August
St. Lawrence, deacon, martyr (Fst)
(3rd anniversary)
by Mom, Dad, Samantha, Granny and Pap

Thursday, 11 August
St. Clare of Assisi, virgin (OblMem)
by his wife, Alice

Friday, 12 August
St. Jane Frances deChantal, religious (OptMem)
05:00 pm — FRANCIS J. and ESTELLE (Weiner) PURCELL
by Francis, Jimmy and Brian

Saturday, 13 August
Vigil of Sunday
04:00 pm — JAMES L. KENNEDY
by Jim and Georgann Connell and family
Sunday, 14 August
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08:30 am — Deceased: HOLY NAME SOCIETY
by the HNS

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 01

30 / 31 JULY

Saint Joseph Parish
Receipts for parish purposes: $1,100.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $57.00 from the second collection (plate); $40.00 from the Dues envelopes; $20.00 from the Building Maintenance envelopes; $86.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,303.00
Receipts for non-parish purposes: — 0 —
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1,303.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($329.54), plus our weekly premium for property and casualty insurance ($464.00), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($358.17), the sum total of which is $1,151.17, one sees that ($151.83) is available from this collection for operating the parish.

Saint Vincent DePaul Parish:
Receipts for parish purposes: $1,116.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $79.00 from the second collection (plate); $35.00 from the Dues envelopes; $45.00 from the Building Maintenance envelopes; $76.00 from the loose.
Total: $1,351.00.
Receipts for non-parish purposes: — 0 —
Analysis: When one deducts from the total of the receipts for parish purposes ($1,351.00) our weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments ($229.38), plus our weekly premium for property and casualty insurance ($282.46), plus our weekly subsidy to Trinity Academy ($250.98), the sum total of which is $762.82, one sees that $588.18 is available from this collection for operating the parish.


Thursday, 11 August
02:30 to 03:30 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Thursday, 11 August
06:00 to 07:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church


Thursday, 11 August
02:00 to 04:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church
Scripture Rosary at about 3:40 pm

ASTUTE READERS of the bulletin will notice that the scheduled opportunities for Confessions and for Exposition are different (and fewer than usual) this week.
This is due to the fact that there are an unusual number of outside commitments coming up this week. Both Fr. Brennan and I (and some other priests) will be meeting with Bishop Barres on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. (Have no fear! These meetings have nothing to do with anything that would impact the parishes!) On Friday evening / Saturday afternoon, Fr. Connolly will be officiating at a wedding rehearsal / wedding Mass in the chapel of Bucknell University.
For these reasons, it was impossible to keep the normal parish schedules intact this week.

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 02

Dates: Saturday / Sunday, 20-21 August
Times: Saturday: 01:00 to 09:00 pm / Sunday: 12:00 noon to 08:00 pm
Place: St. John’s Picnic Grove, Main Street, Maizeville (Gilberton)
Sponsors: St. John the Baptist Parish, Maizeville and St. Michael Parish, Frackville
Food and live dance music!
Saturday dance music by The Pennsylvania Good Times, from 04:00 to 09:00 pm.
Sunday dance music by The Pennsylvania Villagers, from 03:00 to 08:00 pm.
Admission and parking are free and the picnic is held rain or shine.
Seating is provided in the large enclosed dance hall and under several large tents that are set up on the spacious five-acre property.
Ethnic foods, including pyrohy (pierogies), holubtsi (halupkis), halushki, bleenies, and kobasa (kielbasa) as well as open fire kettle bean soup will be sold. Homemade desserts, hand-dipped ice cream, theme baskets, beverages, games will also be available.
A MAN WAS SITTING ON THE PORCH WITH HIS WIFE. She was drinking iced tea and reading a book. He was drinking beer and eating pretzels. Both of them had been silent for some time.
All of a sudden, he looked up and said with unusual fervor, “Sweetheart, I love you!”
His wife looked at him with a smirk and said, “That’s the beer talking!”
He said, “No, it’s not! It’s not the beer talking! It’s me talking!”
“Oh really?” said his wife.
Then a moment of silence.
Then he said, “Yeah, I’m talking to the beer!”
I came across that joke the other day while sitting in the barber shop reading a magazine. I chuckled when I read it. Then I thought to myself: Well, it is funny! There’s no denying that! On the other hand, it’s kind of scary! I think there are some marriages like that! If some married men were given a choice between loving their wives and throwing out their beer or loving their beer and throwing out their wives, I guess most of them would say, “I love my wife and I love my beer. I’m not throwing either one out!” But if you were to press them and say, “Mister, it’s put up or shut up time! It’s the hour of decision! You have one and only one choice. You have to choose! Do you want to keep your wife or do you want to keep your beer? You’ve got five minutes to make up your mind and whatever you decide is your absolutely final choice!”
What decision would “some married men” make?
Anyway, that was my deep thought in the barbershop the other day. Then the barber said, “Next!” and I stopped thinking and took my seat in the chair.
WE THANK ALL WHO HAVE MADE their contributions to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, but there are many who have not yet done so.
May I respectfully bring this to your attention (if you need it brought to your attention)?
Times are tough, but there are always a few dollars for the Lord. At least there should be.
IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THE NEWS, Standard and Poor has demoted the credit rating of the United States of America from AAA to AA+. If you are not certain what this means, I suggest you check it out. It is VERY BAD NEWS. Such a thing has NEVER happened, not even during the Great Depression of 1929! Circle the wagons. The way things have been is not the way things are always going to be. The piper is demanding to be paid.

stjos/stvdp:08.07.2011 - 03


Antonio Cardinal Canizares Llovera is the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
He is the highest ranking person — second only to the Pope — in the Catholic Church in matters that have to do with the celebration of the Mass and the administration of the sacraments.
Very recently, he responded to a question about “whether Catholics should receive Holy Communion in the hand or on the tongue”.
The Cardinal responded as follows: “I recommend that Catholics receive Communion on the tongue and while kneeling.”
Notice that Cardinal Canizares went beyond the question asked. The questioner was asking only about “on the tongue” as opposed to “in the hand”.
The Cardinal not only recommended “on the tongue” but also “while kneeling”.

Parenthetical comment / question: Can you think of any parish churches in the USA where it is the common practice for the faithful to receive Holy Communion “on the tongue” and “while kneeling”? If you can think of any, do you think that the pastor is acting “according to the mind of the Church” or is he simply “doing his own sentimental, retrograde, eccentric pre-Vatican Two thing”?

The Cardinal’s comments continue:

“Receiving Communion in this way (i.e. on the tongue and while kneeling) is the sign of adoration that needs to be recovered. I think the entire Church needs to receive Communion while kneeling. In fact, if one receives while standing, a genuflection or profound bow should be made, and this is not happening. If we trivialize Communion, we trivialize everything, and we cannot lose a moment as important as that of receiving Communion, of recognizing the real presence of Christ there, of the God who is the love above all loves, as we sing in a hymn in Spanish.”

As already pointed out in previous bulletins, Cardinal Canizares’s predecessor as Prefect of the aforementioned Congregation, Francis Cardinal Arinze, advocated the same practice. And, as already pointed out in previous bulletins, Pope Benedict XVI requires that, at all celebrations of the Mass in the Vatican, Holy Communion be distributed “on the tongue” and “while kneeling”.

It is clear to me (perhaps also to you) that the manner of reception of Communion is a matter of very great consequence in the life of the Church. Receiving Communion in the hand while standing is a “trivialization” of the Body and the Blood of the Lord. (“Trivialization” is the Cardinal’s word, not mine.) On those occasions when I distribute Communion in venues other than my own parish churches (and, therefore, must go with the flow), I experience internal anguish at this trivialization. I refer not to the intention of the communicants but, rather, to the objective situation. And that is the God’s honest truth!

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 04


A Vatican official firmly stated that the Catholic Church will never divulge the confession of a penitent. The Prime Minister of Ireland is proposing legislation that would sentence priests who do not inform civil authorities about sexual abuse revealed in confession. The regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary said, “Ireland can pass whatever law it wants…the Church will never submit to forcing confessors to inform civil officials.”(CNA)
Point of information: “Apostolic Penitentiary” is not the name of a Church jail! It is the name of the highest tribunal in Rome having to do with “matters of mercy”, e.g. the absolution of excommunications, the granting of indulgences and the granting of sacramental dispensations.
Comment: Not only in Ireland, but also in Australia and even in some states in the USA, there are movements afoot to force Catholic priests to violate the seal of Confession. If anyone ever thought that the days of persecution are over, he might want to have another think! If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of hungry beasts growling in the Coliseum, looking forward to gobbling up a few priests!

The bobbling head of Erie Bishop Donald Trautman could soon be coming to a mantle, desk or shelf near you. The bishop bobble-head figures were given to Erie priests at a gathering in June. The priest responsible for the doll said other people now want one. “There’s been a ton of requests,” he said. He expects they’ll sell for about $20. Bishop Trautman, who’s been good-natured about the doll, said the likeness was “pretty close” and he appreciated the “creative gift.” (Erie Times-News)
Comment: This idea could catch fire! I see the possibility of a fundraiser! How much would you pay for a bobblehead of your favorite (or unfavorite) bishop or priest?

Jack McKeon’s baseball days begin in a pew. On a recent Tuesday morning, the Florida Marlins manager attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, less than 12 hours after his team beat the Mets. In each major league city McKeon has a favorite, or at least convenient, Catholic church. Mornings at church “give me energy,” he said. His daily ritual is now in its 62nd year. (New York Times)
Comment: God bless Jack McKeon! I may transfer my loyalty from the Phillies to the Marlins!

The head of a foundation encouraging Catholics to have a deeper devotion to Mary said that having a relationship with the Mother of God helps us “answer God's call to imitate Christ.” Anthony Mullen, director of the Children of the Father Foundation based in Havertown, is promoting a new website that has been created to reintroduce a centuries-old spiritual guide called "Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary." (CNS)
Comment: I recommend this devotion. Devotion to the Holy Mother is a sign of predestination to glory. I cannot imagine a version of Christianity that bypasses the Blessed Mother! How sad and dreary!

A simple gesture could have implications far beyond the quiet New Jersey street where a man affixed a wooden cross to a tree in his front yard. Township officials say the display, which the man intended as a celebration of Lent, violated an ordinance. The man contacted a coalition of Christian lawyers, which says it will take the matter to court if officials don’t allow the man to return the cross to his property. (Newark Star-Ledger)
Comment: Notice that the tree was in the man’s own front yard. It was not on public property! We all know that if this man had affixed a Star of David or a Crescent and Star image to the tree, “township officials” would have voiced no objection! The cross of Jesus Christ is and always has been a sign of contradiction to the world!

The government’s proposed "religious exemption" to the requirement that all health insurance plans cover contraceptives and sterilization for women is so narrow it excludes most Catholic agencies and health care providers according to the chairman of a key USCCB committee. Houston Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said Catholic institutions could only follow the rule “if they were to stop hiring and serving non-Catholics." (CNS)
Comment: Another gift to the Catholic Church from the Obama administration! Now Catholic institutions (dioceses, parishes, schools, hospitals, social agencies) are being required to provide health insurance that includes coverage for sterilization and contraceptives. As the Cardinal points out, the “exception clause” is a ruse! It should be perfectly clear to any reasonable observer of the political scene that there is an unbridgeable chasm between the current administration and the Catholic Church. If you are a Catholic and this is not clear to you, there is good reason to suspect either the extent of your awareness or else the depth of your Catholic commitment.

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 05


How do the principal contenders for election to the Presidency of the United States in the 2012 election stand in regard to abortion and to the Roe v Wade decision which imposed legalized abortion on all fifty states, including DC and the territories? We give you their own words.

“I am pro-choice. I believe in Roe v. Wade.”
“With one more vacancy on the court, we could be looking at a majority hostile to a woman’s right to choose for the first time since Roe v. Wade, and that is what is at stake in this election.”

“What I want to do is repeal the Roe v. Wade decision. That’s what I would like to see happen.”

RICK PERRY (not a declared candidate, but “thinking about it”)
"Roe v. Wade is nothing but a shameful footnote in our nation's history books.
"There is no such thing as an unwanted child in the eyes of God,"
Since Roe v. Wade, Perry said, "50 million children have lost their chance at life -- a tragic legacy of judicial activism and a stark reminder that our culture and our country are still in peril."

“Today we mourn the loss of millions of innocent lives because of the decision made by the Supreme Court to give doctors the right to end the life of an unborn child.”

“The revolutionary idea contained in the Declaration of Independence is that certain fundamental human rights, including the right to life, are gifts from God and cannot be given nor taken away by government.”
“...choosing abortion is not acceptable.”

“I signed the bill that would trigger a ban on abortions in Utah if Roe v Wade were overturned.

“I think the Roe v. Wade situation was a big mistake and the states ought to have the right to decide on the issue , so I would deny jurisdiction to the federal courts on abortion issues.”

“I join those marching today in affirming that we need to extend that right to life to the most innocent and and powerless among us. We must take it upon ourselves to protect all individuals in every stage of life, from the unborn to the elderly.”

“I support the reversal of Roe v. Wade, because it is bad law and bad medicine. Roe was a misguided ruling that was a result of a small group of activist federal judges legislating from the bench.”

“I believe we need to overturn Roe v. Wade. I think it was a poorly and horribly decided decision.”

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 06


I have two young kittens a few months old. They’re strays. One is a black-and-white male; the other is a dark grey female. I found them close to the road, so it was too dangerous to leave them there. I have four dogs and two cats of my own, so I can’t keep them!
If you know of anyone who would take them and give them a good home, I would appreciate it. They are very attached to each other. I tried different places to find them a home: a shelter, a kennel in Ringtown, two vets, etc., but no luck so far.
I have been praying to find a good home for them. So, if you can help out, please let me know.
Thank you.
Rita Frigone
(570) 276-6250
I called Mrs. Frigone and asked her if it would be okay for me to print her note in the bulletin, together with her name and phone number. She gave me permission. I hope someone will be willing to adopt these kittens. I would take them myself but Kateri said, “If they come, I go!” (EBC)
If you read the article on page 08 of this bulletin, perhaps these words will jump out at you as they jumped out at me. I thought they were extraordinary. The woman who said these words is a Muslim. It is clear to me that she is a Muslim who is ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May God bless this good Muslim woman. May God open her eyes to the Lord Jesus Who loves her and Who had forgiven her cruel assailant even before she did and Who gave her the power to forgive him. It is quite possible that this woman, although not a recipient of “baptism by water” has received a “baptism by acid”. This speculation is not at all absurd or heretical. It is somewhat akin to the concept of “baptism by blood” or “baptism by (implicit) desire”. Theological speculations such as these are what underlie the Catholic teaching that the identity of “the elect” is known but to God. “Many there are whom God has whom the Church has not, and many there are whom the Church has whom God has not.” St. Augustine spoke these words and he is a touchstone for orthodoxy.
It is time for parents to contact the Rectory in order to enroll their children in CCD for the 2011 – 2012 year.
If your child is in public school, about to enter grades one to eight, please call St. Vincent dePaul Rectory (276-6033) this week.
Give us the child’s name and his or her grade in school.
Or else, go on line to the parish website, find the CCD registration form, fill it out and drop it off at the Rectory.
CCD will be held as in the past on Sunday evenings from 06:00 to 07:30 pm in St. Joseph Rectory and in the Sheridan Room.

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 07

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian woman blinded and disfigured by a man who threw acid into her face stood above her attacker Sunday in a hospital operating room as a doctor was about to put several drops of acid in one of his eyes in court-ordered retribution.
The man waited on his knees and wept.
"What do you want to do now?" the doctor asked the 34-year-old woman, whose own face was severely disfigured in the 2004 attack.
"I forgave him, I forgave him," she responded, asking the doctor to spare him at the last minute in a dramatic scene broadcast on Iran's state television.
Ameneh Bahrami lost her sight and suffered horrific burns to her face, scalp and body in the attack, carried out by a man who was angered that she refused his marriage proposal.
Bahrami, whose face remains visibly burned, was a glimpse of her former self, wearing a touch of pink gloss on her lips and a loosely wrapped headscarf to the hospital where the sentence was to be carried out. She was helped into the building by two women who held both her hands.
"It is best to pardon when you are in a position of power," Bahrami said, explaining that she did not want revenge.
The sobbing man, Majid Movahedi, said Bahrami was "very generous."
"I couldn't imagine being blinded by acid," Movahedi said, as he wept against a wall.
It is a legal right for victims in Iran to ask for a strict enforcement of Islamic law, under which an attempt is made to reach a settlement with victims or their families. If no agreement is reached, then "qisas," or eye-for-an-eye retribution, is enforced.
Under the Iranian judiciary's policy of qisas, convicted murderers are sentenced to death. In another example of a case where qisas was carried out, authorities amputated the hand of a convicted thief in front of other prisoners in October 2010.
In the trial of Bahrami's attacker, the court ruling allowed the woman to have a doctor pour a few drops of the corrosive chemical in one of Movahedi's eyes as retribution.
A few months after the November 2008 ruling, Bahrami told a radio station in Spain, where she traveled for treatment of her wounds, that she was happy with the sentence.
"I am not doing this out of revenge, but rather so that the suffering I went through is not repeated," she said in that March 2009 interview.
Though she was blinded in both eyes, she said in the radio interview that the court ruled she was entitled to blind him in only one eye.
After undergoing treatment in Barcelona, Bahrami initially recovered 40 percent of the vision in one eye, but she later lost all her sight.
Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi said Movahedi would remain in jail until a court decides on an alternative punishment, according to Iran's ISNA news agency.
He said her attacker will have to pay financial compensation as Bahrami has requested. In the past, Bahrami has asked for up to $200,000 in compensation from the assailant.
There have been several other acid attacks on women in Iran. Last week, a young woman died after a man poured acid on her face for rejecting his marriage proposal. Her attacker remains at large.
Amnesty International criticized the Iranian law that allows victims of such attacks to deliberately blind the assailants under medical supervision.
In a statement Sunday, the rights group said the practice was a cruel punishment that amounts to torture.
"The Iranian authorities should review the penal code as a matter of urgency to ensure those who cause intentional serious physical harm, like acid attacks, receive an appropriate punishment — but that must never be a penalty which in itself constitutes torture," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty's deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa.

stjos/stvdp: 08.07.2011 - 08

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