Saturday, 17 January
Vigil of Sunday
by his wife, Jean

Sunday, 18 January
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
(1st anniversary)
by his mother, Ida Mae Canavan

Monday, 19 January
08:00 am — AGNES NEIS
by the Walsh Trust

Wednesday, 21 January
St. Agnes, virgin, martyr (OblMem)
by Eileen Rowland

Friday, 23 January
by M/M Ray Sajone

Saturday, 24 January
St. Francis deSales, bishop, doctor (OblMem)
by Joseph and Margaret Malafarina
Vigil of Sunday
by Mickey Catizone

Sunday, 25 January
Conversion of Saint Paul
11:30 am — God’s Blessings on EBC
by friends


Saturday, 17 January
Vigil of Sunday
by Employees, Highmark Blue Shield

Sunday, 18 January
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
by M/M Peter Smolock

Tuesday, 20 January
St. Fabian, pope, martyr; St. Sebastian, martyr (OptMems)
08:00 am — Blessings on MARY KUPCHINSKY SMALANSY
(102nd birthday)
by her children

Thursday, 22 January
St. Vincent, deacon, martyr (OptMem)
by Joseph T. Cescon and family
by Alice Chiaretti

Saturday, 24 January
Vigil of Conversion of St. Paul
by Peter and Rachel Karlovich and family

Sunday, 25 January
Conversion of St. Paul
by Jim and Georgann Connell

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10 / 11 January

Saint Joseph Parish:
$1,511.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $210.00 from the second collection (plate); $234.00 from the Dues envelopes; $141.00 from the A.D Times envelopes; $79.00 from the loose. Thank you.

Saint Vincent DePaul Parish: $798.00 from the Sunday envelopes; $89.00 from the second collection (plate); $10.00 from the Building Maintenance envelopes; $357.00 from the loose. Thank you.


Tuesday, 20 January
02:30 to 03:30 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Wednesday, 21 January
02:00 to 03:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Friday, 23 January
06:30 to 07:30 pm
St. Joseph Chapel


Tuesday, 20 January
02:00 to 04:00 pm
St. Vincent dePaul Church

, 23 January
06:00 to 08:00 pm
St. Joseph Chapel

Seek the Lord while He may be found!
P.S. – Perhaps you have refrained from coming to Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the past because you thought there might not be enough room and you would have to stand. Such has not been the case thus far.
Please come. We can almost guarantee you that you will find a spot to call your own.

stjos/stvds: 01.18.2009 - 02

If you dislike telemarketing calls (as I sure do!) and if you have not already done something to block them, you might want to know the following: If you call 1-888-382-1222 and follow the simple recorded instructions, it will thenceforth be illegal for a telemarketer to call that number. Note: You must call from the telephone you want listed. If you want more than one telephone number listed, you must make a separate call from and for each number. This is a service of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
A MAN SPANKED HIS FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON for being naughty. The child, a strong-willed son-of-a-gun, decided to get even. So, he put some of his clothes into a shopping bag, got his teddy bear and his piggy bank and proudly announced, “I’m mad at you! You’re not my boss anymore! I’m running away from home and I’m going to be my own boss!” The father, not willing to let his son loose on the world just yet, decided to use logic. The following dialogue ensued:
Father: Okay, big shot! You go ahead and run away if you want to, but what if you get hungry?
Son: Then I'll come back home and Mommy will feed me!
Father: And what if you run out of money?
Son: Then I’ll come back home and Mommy will give me some money!
Father: Well, what if your clothes get dirty?
Son: Then I'll come back home and Mommy will wash them.
Father: Kid, it seems to me you’re a little ahead of yourself. You’re not talking about running away from home. You’re talking about going to college!
TRUE STORY: I was having a conversation last week with a young man whom I had never met before. One of the first things one man asks another man when they meet for the first time is, “So what do you do for a living?” The man said to me — at least this is what I thought he said to me: “I work for KAY OF SEE”. I said, “Oh, do you mean the Kay of See in Pottsville?” He said, “Yes”. I said, “Oh! That’s interesting. What do you do for the Kay of See?” He said, “I’m a manager.” I was puzzled. I couldn’t put this together in my head. I said, “You’re a manager? A manager for the Kay of See in Pottsville? I didn’t know the Knights of Columbus in Pottsville had any employees.” The man laughed. He said, “Not the Knights of Columbus! The KAY EFF SEE! You know … fried chicken … the Colonel!” I said, “Oh, Kay EFF See! Oh, well, yeah! The chicken! The Colonel! You mean the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Pottsville!” He said, “Yeah, that’s where I work. I’m a manager!”. I said, “Oh, okay, friend! Now I get it!”
Please call the Rectory to let us know that you would like your child to receive First Holy Communion on 24 May 09!

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1. Church and Rectory is newer.
2. Big yard.
3. More parking.
4. We won’t have to move.
5. Rectory is in better shape.
6. Rectory seems to use less energy.
7. Garage is attached to rectory.
8. Not in severe debt.
9. Church is handicap accessible.
10. Has a parking lot (but mostly only neighbors park in it regularly).
11. More Bathrooms in Rectory. Including 1 half bath, and 3 full baths. 2 bathrooms on 1st floor.
12. Church is connected to school.


1. Church is smaller.
2. No door from outside to get into sacristy (but can go though school).
3. Sacristy is smaller.
4. Garage is smaller.
5. Only 4 bedrooms.
6. Rectory is smaller.
7. School is not in good condition.
8. Rectory is not connected to church.
9. Parking lot needs to be fixed.
10. Less seats in church.
11. Balcony in church is smaller and has only a few seats (but there is room for more).
12. Church is connected to school.

Note: If St. Vincent were to close, there would be no Lithuanian parish in the area (as far as I know).
These two listings — including the note — of the “good points” and the “bad points” of the buildings that belong to our two parishes are the work of Ian R. Getzey, done on his own initiative, neither encouraged to do so nor discouraged from doing so by the pastor. He showed these lists to me sometime last August (2008). I thought they were interesting (and even entertaining). So, I asked Ian to put them into an email attachment and send them to me for the purpose (perhaps) of putting them into the bulletin someday. I think they make for good reading and are useful for promoting conversation. I have not edited Ian’s points in any way. The fact that I am printing them in the parish bulletin does not imply that I agree with him, nor does it imply that I disagree. I simply admire the fact that this good young man had the moxie even to think of making such a list. I have come to put a high value on Ian’s keen intelligence and gracious demeanor.

stjos/stvds: 01.18.2009 - 04




01. Rectory is big.
02. Church is big.
03. 3-car garage.
04. More parishioners.
05. Church has more seats.
06. Eight bedrooms in rectory.
07. More living space in rectory.
08. Rectory is connected to church.
09. Door from outside in sacristy.
10. Sacristy is bigger.
11. Office is bigger.
12. Kitchen is bigger.
13. Chapel has air-conditioning.
14. School is bigger.
15. School is in better shape.
16. Front and back stairs in rectory.
17. Chapel is newer.
18. Balcony in church is bigger and has more seats.
19. Enclosed back porch in rectory (but the walls are gone).
20. Historical.





01. Rectory is old.
02. Church is confusing to get around. especially for people new to the church.
03. Rectory basement is in bad condition and also it floods.
04. No bathroom on 1st floor in rectory.
05. Wiring is too old (which would mean that it can be unsafe or circuit might often overload). Sometimes the lights in the rectory blink when the refrigerator turns on. (Not a good sign!)
06. Garage is old.
07. Yard needs to be cleaned up.
08. Less energy efficient.
09. Most outlets in rectory are not grounded. This is annoying for things that need to be grounded, like washers, refrigerators, air conditioning, etc.
10. Garage is not connected to rectory.
11. School roof leaks.
12. No parking lot.
13. A few rooms are falling apart in rectory.
14. Neighbors are very close to rectory.
15. Financial troubles.
16. Yard is smaller.
17. We will need to move.
18. Rectory needs lots of repairs/ needs to be renovated.


Personal note
Ian R. Getzey is a member of St. Vincent dePaul Parish. He serves as an altar boy most weekends, either at St. Vincent’s or at St. Joseph’s. He is 15 years old and a sophomore at Blue Mountain High School. He is the elder son of Robert and Denise (Lang) Getzey, the brother of Evan and a grandson of Jean Albo Lang, all of whom are members of St. VdP Parish.
During the last year of my time in Pottsville, Ian served as “Saturday office boy”. To my pleasant surprise and with the permission and cooperation of his parents, he volunteered to continue to serve in that vital capacity when I moved to Girardville.

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18 Oct 08
Mick D
Bert - ITT

01 Nov 08
Barbara B

15 Nov 08
Barbara B

29 Nov 08
M. O’Donnell
Mary B

13 Dec 08
Heather S
Arlene L

27 Dec 08
Trish M
Kim E

10 Jan 09
Mike McD
BAD NEWS and GOOD NEWS: The bad news is that there was a fire at the house of Jim Feeney (parish organist) and his father, John, this past week and the house with all its contents was totally destroyed. The fire started while they were asleep. The good news is that both got out of the house and neither was injured. (Unfortunately, their cat, Pixie, succumbed.) We extend our sympathy to John and to Jim. On my own initiative, without either of them asking me to do so, I am inviting members of the parishes to contribute a few dollars to help them at this difficult time. There are a couple of ways you can do this: (a) you can give cash or a check directly to them or (b) you can use the pastor as your middle man. If you choose the latter, you can give cash or a check. If you give cash, simply put it in an envelope addressed to Fr. Connolly, with “Feeney” somewhere on the envelope. If you give a check, do not make it out to the parish. Make it out either to “James Feeney” or else make it out to “Edward B. Connolly” with “Feeney” on the memo line.
THE SAINT JOSEPH PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL will meet in St. Joseph Rectory on Tuesday, 20 January, at 7:00 pm. On the agenda, will be a proposal from Fr. Connolly that we invest all of our parish assets with a distinguished gentleman from the Big Apple whose name is well known to the Securities and Exchange Commission and to the attorney general. As he laid it out to me, we are guaranteed a minimum 10% return on our money, regardless of the vagaries of the market. Mr. Madoff told me that, if the judge will permit him to travel out of state, he will sit down with us personally on Tuesday evening to answer any questions we might have about this opportunity. Carpe diem!

ELIZABETH NIDERDORFER ROMONOSKY, a former member of St. Vincent dePaul Parish, died on Saturday, 10 January.
Born in Vienna, Austria on 22 May 1927, she was 81 years old.
Elizabeth was the wife of Joseph B. Romonosky, who died in 1995.
She has three sons: Joseph J. Romonosky; Michael S. Romonosky; Thomas Romonosky.
She has three granddaughters: Dana Powell; Laura Romonosky; Diane Romonosky.
There was a service, with interment of cremains, in St. Vincent dePaul Cemetery, Frackville, on Thursday, 15 January.

Eternal rest grant unto Elizabeth, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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Note: The incident referred to in this exchange of emails occurred during the 11:30 am Mass at St. Joseph Church on Sunday, 11 January. Curiously, this was the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord — which, when you think about it, also had a lot to do with water.

From:     Annetta Yackenchick
Sent:       Sunday, 11 January, 2009 10:08 PM
To:         Rev. Edward B. Connolly
Subject:  Niagara Falls in Girardville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Padre,
I am very sorry for the disturbance that Madalyn caused today during Mass!! I was trying to take Nathan and her out of the church because they were so wild. I thought I could hang out in the vestibule where they could move around a bit. I was trying to listen to the homily through the doors when behind my back Madalyn tipped over the Holy Water container. It came down very loud and made quite a mess all over. It basically flooded the vestibule and water went under the door unto the rug of the church. Some went down the steps etc. The kind men in the back of the church came running, so did the poor organist from the balcony. They got a mop from somewhere and cleaned it all up from what I understand. Madalyn was in a state of shock!! Nathan was glad he didn't do this one!!! I was never so embarrassed in all my days of motherhood!!! I high-tailed it out to the big white van with the little buggers, because we caused enough of a scene for one day.
So very sorry for the occurrence Father!!
I hope I am still your favorite parishioner!!!!!
Miss Annetta

Dear Miss Annetta:
Have no fear! Your standing as all-time, undisputed favorite parishioner is secure.
Notice I said "YOUR" standing.
I did not say "HER" standing.
By "HER", I mean the naughty little girl with the big, beautiful eyes who flips multi-gallon cylinders of holy water onto the floor, sending poor old priests and other delicate creatures into cardiac arrest!
At this early stage, I cannot say with certainty whether or not Madalyn will be excommunicated. First thing tomorrow morning, I shall be discussing the matter with His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop of Allentown. It is my guess that the Bishop will refer the matter to Rome. It will take a while, I think, before Pope Benedict makes a final decision as to Madalyn's standing in the Catholic Church. I am fairly certain that Rome considers it a sacrilege to wash a floor (even a church floor) with holy water.
The question that will occupy the canon lawyers in Rome is this: Is it possible that a child like Madalyn, who is a tad less than 22 months old, could possibly have formed the intent to commit sacrilege?
His Holiness, His Excellency and yours truly will get back to you with the final decision as soon as possible. Meanwhile, tell Madalyn to cross her fingers and make a good act of contrition.
Miss Annetta, if God thought you couldn't handle eight children, he would have blown the whistle on you after seven.
God bless you!

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Benefit of:         Trinity Academy
When:               Sunday, 25 January
                         8:30 am to 12:00 noon
What:               All you can (reasonably) eat: eggs (laid by happy hens); potatoes (from deep, rich                         American soil); bacon (from pampered pigs); sausage (likewise); pancakes (hot from the                         griddle); French toast (likewise), and more!
Where:             Trinity Academy
                        233 W. Cherry St.
                       Shenandoah, PA
Price:               Adults $6.00
                       Children (under 12) $3.00
                       Includes table service!

MARCH FOR LIFE: Every year, on 22 January, the anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision, there is a Pro-Life March in Washington DC. Pro-lifers gather from all across the country in order to attend an outdoor rally and to march to the Supreme Court building in peaceful protest against laws that protect and promote the unjust killing of the most innocent of our fellow Americans, the babies in their mothers’ wombs. If you are willing to take part in this great witness to the sanctity of human life, we invite you to join us on our bus. This bus, sponsored by St. Joseph Parish and St. Vincent dePaul Parish (Girardville), will pick up passengers in Girardville, Frackville, St. Clair, Pottsville and Hamburg. The price is $42.00. The price includes a stop on the way for coffee and buns and also a light supper on the way back. It also includes a Metro (subway) pass. Big discount for teenagers and younger children! For more information, call Susan Thye at (570) 385-5924 or Fr. Connolly at (570) 276-6033.
THIS COMING TUESDAY (20 Jan) at 12:00 noon ET, by provision of the Constitution of the United States, George W. Bush will complete his final term in office and, by the manifest will of the majority of the people as expressed through the Electoral College. Barack Obama will begin his term of office as President of the United States. We invoke God’s blessings upon the outgoing President and we thank him for his eight years of honorable service. We ask God to bless and protect the incoming President and to keep him safe from all harm. Above and beyond all partisan considerations, we pray for (a) the security of the nation against the designs of her enemies; (b) the welfare of the poor, the oppressed and the vulnerable, most especially the welfare of all unborn children.

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