Saturday, 17 March
Vigil of Sunday
4:30 p.m. - DENNIS and ANNA WEISS
by their son and their daughter-in-law, John and Frances Weiss

Sunday, 18 March
4th Sunday of Lent
7:45 a.m. - JOSEPH and MARTHA (Mitchell) FLYNN
by Albert and Martha Pascuzzo and family
10:45 a.m. - CATHERINE CARESTIA RINALDO (3rd anniversary) by Theresa Mete Cuccia

Monday, 19 March
St. Joseph, husband of Mary (Sol)
by Liz Troilo Acker

Tuesday, 20 March
Lenten Weekday
12:05 p.m. - H. ROBERT PICCIONI Sr. (anniversary of birth) by his wife, Ann, and family
7:00 p.m. - NATALE and ROSA BUTERA
by their daughter-in-law, Mary

Wednesday, 21 March
Lenten Weekday
12:05 p.m. - JOSEPH A. PALKO
by his wife, Carmella, and his daughter, Joanne


Thursday, 22 March
Lenten Weekday
12:05 p.m. - RACHEL A. SNINSKI
by her family
7:00 p.m. - ANTHONY J. LUPPINO
by Ed and Jean Harman and family

Friday, 23 March
St. Toribio of Mogrovejo, bishop (OptMem)
12:05 p.m. - JOHN MINDER Jr.
(anniversary of birth) by Aunt Rita

Saturday, 24 March
Lenten Weekday
8:00 a.m. - LOUIS V. LONG
(1st anniversary) by the Whitney family
Vigil of Sunday
by his family

Sunday, 25 March
5th Sunday of Lent
by Andy and Clare
10:45 a.m. - LOUISE TROILO ALATI (3rd anniversary)
by her niece, Regina, and her grandnieces, Jordan and Angela


stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 01


10 / 11 March

Saint Joseph Parish
from the envelopes and $138.00 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $1,377.00 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $358.85 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $149.20, the sum of which is $508.05, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $987.21, the sum total of which is $1,495.26, one sees that ($118.26) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a deficit!

Saint Francis deSales Parish
from the envelopes and $74.10 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $187.10 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $55.15 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $56.72, the sum of which is $253.25, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $197.44, the sum total of which is $309.31, one sees that ($122.21) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a deficit!


Sat       10 March

Dan D won $100.00
Sun      11 March

Jeff K won $150.00
Mon     12 March

Tammy Z won $50.00
Tues     13 March

Sam F won $50.00
Wed     14 March

Del S won $50.00
Thurs   15 March

Donna N won $50.00
Fri       16 March

Karen S won $50.00

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 02



Tuesday, 20 March
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Thursday, 22 March
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
at St. Francis deSales'

Thursday, 22 March
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

THE SANCTUARY LAMP at St. Joseph Church is offered, during the week of 18 - 24 March, in loving memory of Ryan A. Walters, at the request of Julia, Marie and Rose.

THE LOURDES GROTTO CANDLE is offered, during the week of 18 - 24 March, in loving memory of H. Robert Piccioni Sr., at the request of his wife, Ann, and family.

Date: Sunday, 18 March
Time: Doors open at 12:00 noon. Auction is at 2:00 p.m.
Place: Mary Queen of Peace Social Hall
Price: $3.00 admissions
Sponsor: MQP Ladies Guild

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 03



19 March
None, as far as we know.

20 March
Domenica M. Angelozzi
David D. Shappell
Michael A. Verhagen

21 March
Louis H. Dunmoyer 3rd
Zachary J. Modesto
Mary Martinko Tamburelli

22 March
Nathan P. Weidner

23 March
Michael Lazarchick
Harry B. Lilley
Joseph M. Melochick

24 March
Joan Roland Albo
Stella Strasico Mirabella

25 March
Jessica A. Chattin
Leonard Radziewicz
Lori Vidal Reedy


Here's something that should warm you up!

Sacred Heart Church
2007 Art Show & Auction
Sunday, March 25th
1:00 pm ~ Preview
2:00 pm ~ Silent Auction & Reception
3:30 pm ~ Live Auction
Blue Mt. Health Systems Community Service Center,
Palmerton Campus, 217 Franklin Ave. Palmerton

Join us for a fantastic afternoon of food, wine and BEAUTIFUL Art.
Tickets $10 ~ Limited Seating. Call to reserve your tickets today!
610-349-3929 /

stjos/stfds:03.18.2007 - 04


WE ACKNOWLEDGE WITH GRATITUDE the receipt of contributions to the StJosPar Memorial Fund, as follows:

In memory of
Ryan A. Walters
Phyllis C. Kevy and Roni J. Kevy
David and Diane Cory and daughters
Vera Monti Miller
Girda Monti Matz
Elaine Benko
Angeline Dudish
Joseph and Sandra Frinzi
Irene M. Stump
M/M William Pugh
Charles and Tammy Cescon and family

In memory of
Pasqual F. Chillemi
Jeanette Ciorlanti Chalinsky

In memory of
David A. Peiffer Jr.
Phyllis C. Kevy and Roni J. Kevy

In memory of
Joseph Prestileo
Andrew and Loreta DeStefano

Question: What do the following four persons have in common?

Barbara Kull
Paul Dimmerling
Joan Dimmerling
Fr. Edward B. Connolly

Answer: All four of them (and only all four of them) qualified to have their names submitted for the coveted "Religious Fanatic of the Year Award for Calendar Year 2007". Believe it or not, they showed up for Stations of the Cross at St. Francis deSales Church at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, 16 March 2007.
The Lord was very impressed! (He told me so.)

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 05



Monday, 19 March 2007
Solemnity of Saint Joseph

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 06


The following is an excerpt from the Vatican document referred to in our parish bulletin of 4 March 2007. This document is accessible at:

The Diocese of Allentown has said that this document is normative for the Diocese.

 The principle that the use of the church must not offend the sacredness of the place determines the criteria by which the doors of a church may be opened to a concert of sacred or religious music, as also the concomitant exclusion of every other type of music.
The most beautiful symphonic music, for example, is not in itself of religious character.
The definition of sacred or religious music depends explicitly on the original intended use of the musical pieces or songs, and likewise on their content.
It is not legitimate to provide for the execution in the church of music which is not of religious inspiration and which was composed with a view to performance in a certain precise secular context, irrespective of whether the music would be judged classical or contemporary, of high quality or of a popular nature.
On the one hand, such performances would not respect the sacred character of the church, and on the other, would result in the music being performed in an unfitting context.

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 07


If someone were to ask me to simplify this matter and to express the point in everyday language, I would express it as follows:

It is against the law of the Catholic Church to allow a Catholic church building to be used for a concert of secular music.

This is not a matter of opinion, nor is it a matter of interpretation.
The law is abundantly clear.
The only question is this:

Is the law of the Catholic Church to be obeyed or is it to be ignored?

If it is to be obeyed, then let it be obeyed.
If it is to be ignored, then let it be frankly acknowledged that the law is being ignored and let some rationale be given.

Removing the Blessed Sacrament from the tabernacle of the church does not render the church suitable for a concert of secular music.

The morale of the Catholic people (not excluding the morale of the clergy) has suffered enormously in the past few decades because there has been a collapse of any sense of obligation to obey law, together with a collapse of will on the part of Church authority to enforce law,

We have become our own worst enemy.

"In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what he thought best."

Judges 21:25

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 08


the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits "gay men" (actively homosexual men) from donating blood?
Here is a statement from FDA spokeswoman, Heidi Rebello:
"Blood safety depends not only on donor testing, but on reducing the number of contaminated donations that may take place. This is why we continue to defer persons whose behavior places them at high risk for infection."
FDA rules preclude any man who has had one sexual encounter with another man since 1977 from donating blood. According to the FDA, such men are
60 times more likely to have HIV than the general population, 200 times more likely than first-time donors, and 2,000 times more likely than repeat donors.

the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that sex between men is the leading cause of most HIV infections - about half of all new cases in 2005?
I think these facts should be known to all.
Because we are being encouraged to think that opposition to homosexuality is mindless bigotry based on religious doctrines. We are being told that we should stop trying to impose our religious faith on people.
Let it be clear to one and all: Our opposition to homosexuality is based on logic, on science, on natural law. Homosexual sodomy is wrong because it is anti-human, not because it is against Church law!

With this in mind, why in the Name of God would Pottsville Area High School permit a "Day of Silence" each year in order to give students free rein to protest "discrimination against gays"?
Why are we promoting HIV and the contamination of our blood supply?

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 09


a long-time member of St. Joseph Parish, died on Wednesday, 14 March 2007. Born on 9 November 1926, he was 80 years old.
Pasqual ["Pat"] is one of the four sons of Natale ["Natie"] and Rosa Diachille [Daley] Chillemi.
He was baptized in St. Peter Church, Mansfield (OH) on 16 January 1927.
He married Rita Monti in St. Joseph Church on 31 January 1948, in the presence of Fr. Vincent DePaul Casey. At the time of Rita's death (15 March 2003), the two had been married for more than 55 years.
All three of Pasqual's brothers survive him: Joseph Chillemi; Michael Chillemi; Frank Chillemi.
At the present time, Pasqual has 32 direct descendants, thirty of whom survive him. They are as follows:
His four children: Julia Chillemi Legutko; Rosemary Chillemi Powanda; Anthony J. Chillemi Sr.; Margaret Chillemi Walters.
His thirteen grandchildren: Jennifer Strausser Verhagen; Bobbi Jo Legutko Cooper; Sheree Legutko Hill; David A. Legutko; Michaeleen Powanda; Thomas J. Powanda Jr.; Anthony J. Chillemi Jr.; Matthew J. Chillemi (deceased); Andrew P. Chillemi; Amanda M. Chillemi; Angela Walters Peiffer; Ryan A. Walters (deceased); Marisa R. Chillemi.
His fifteen great-grandchildren: Christopher A. Cooper; Connor R. Verhagen; Madison T. Legutko; Kaylee H. Cooper; Braden W. Verhagen; Alec N. Verhagen; Trevor A. Hill; Alyssa M. Nelson-Chillemi; Morgan M. Chillemi; Zachary M. Nelson-Chillemi; Christian A. Chillemi; Antonio P. Chillemi; Abigail R. Powanda; Bryce D. Peiffer; Talan L. Peiffer.
Pasqual participated in the Paschal Mystery just hours before he died. Fortified with the Body of Christ and washed in the Blood of the Lamb, he was well prepared to make his Passover to God and to stand before the throne of God.
The Mass of Christian Burial for Pasqual was celebrated in St. Joseph Church at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, 17 March. There was a viewing for one hour prior to the Mass, in addition to the viewing on Friday evening at the Evans Funeral Home in Port Carbon. The interment took place in the parish cemetery.
Something unusual at Pasqual's funeral Mass: One of the floral tributes that stood in front of the altar was doing double duty. It had already stood there on 7 March at the funeral Mass of Ryan A. Walters, Pasqual's 18-year-old grandson. It carried the ribbon "grandson". It was the bouquet Pasqual had donated in memory of Ryan.
Moral of the story: Never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 10


"I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts."

"I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is okay to be immoral in any way."


(Marine) General Peter Pace is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
[I am happy to say that he is a Catholic.]
In defending the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy last week, he went beyond the utilitarian into the realm of moral philosophy. In doing so, he made it quite clear that he believes that homosexual actions are immoral.
For this astonishing and refreshing statement of moral sanity, the General is, of course, being raked over the coals.
Senator John Warner (R-VA), Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) are among the illuminati who are disturbed by the General's remarks. They have made it clear that not only do they think the General ought not to have said what he said, but they also disagree with the content of what he said. All three of them have said that they do not consider homosexual actions to be immoral.
All three of them are moral nincompoops and should be promptly sent to bed without their suppers.
Homosexuality is immoral. Water is wet. Fire is hot. Ice is cold. Why would anyone think otherwise?

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 11


We are always grateful to have lectors and servers for the weekday Masses at St. Joseph Church.
We don't have any system or schedule of weekday lectors and servers, nor would it be practical to try to have one.
Whoever shows up, shows up.
["No one who comes to me will I ever reject."]
It hardly ever happens that no one shows up to volunteer his or her services and that the priest is left on his own.
For this I am grateful.
However, I do have a request.
This request is based on what is considered "good liturgical practice".
My request is this:
Whenever possible, let one person serve and let another person read.
Note that I said, "whenever possible".
I realize it is not always possible.
Please do not be shy in offering your services.
If you are uncertain about any aspect of reading or serving, please let me know.
I would be happy to tell you what you need to know.
And, keep in mind: You never know when there might be a talent scout in the congregation.
But if you do get an offer from some big-time parish, please don't forget the little parish where you got your start.

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 -12


Stations of the Cross
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Lent 2007

7:00 p.m.

Sunday,  18 March  

Friday,   23 March  

Sunday,  25 March                

Saint Joseph

Saint John the Baptist

Saint Francis de Sales

A good Catholic is like a good train.
How is a good Catholic like a good train?
A good train stays on track and goes to the stations

(working and non-working)

All Saints School would like to have your old cell phones.
You can deliver them directly to the school office.
If it would be more convenient for you, you can drop them off at St. Joseph Rectory.
Or, you could ask one of the All Saints children to take it to the school office for you.
This is, of course, a fund raiser.

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 13



Saturday, 17 March
Vigil of Sunday
(3rd anniversary)
by her family

Sunday, 18 March
4th Sunday of Lent
by Julia Senitch Laplaca
12:15 p.m. - FRED YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dunbrowney Haag

Monday, 19 March
St. Joseph, Husband of Mary (Sol)
(through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier)
by the Weidner family

Wednesday, 21 March
Lenten Weekday
by her sisters, Tina and Liz

Friday, 23 March
St. Toribio of Mogrovejo, bishop (OptMem)
10:00 a.m. - DAVID A. PEIFFER Jr.
by Mary Vittemberghi Messina

Saturday, 24 March
Vigil of Sunday
6:00 p.m. - RYAN A. WALTERS
by Anthony and Karyn Chillemi

Sunday, 25 March
5th Sunday of Lent
9:15 a.m. - DICK YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dunbrowney Haag
12:15 p.m. - WILLIAM E. BRENNAN
by his brother, Vincent, and his sister, Anne

stjos/stfds: 03.18.2007 - 14


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