Saturday, 08 December
Vigil of Sunday
4:30 p.m. - ANTHONY J. LUPPINO
by his sister, Grace, and sons

Sunday, 09 December
Second Sunday of Advent
7:45 a.m. - DANIEL SMITH
(3rd anniversary)
by his mother, Catherine
10:45 a.m. - JOSEPH A. PALKO
by his wife, Carmella, and his daughter, Joanne (+)

Monday, 10 December
Advent Weekday
12:05 p.m. - ANNA LEJKO STOCK
by her sister, Betty Lejko Gustitus

Tuesday, 11 December
St. Damasus I, pope (OptMem)
by Glen and Mary Anne Sninski
7:00 p.m. - CECELIA (Shirley) RYNDOCK
by Mary, Joseph and John Krizno

Wednesday, 12 December
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Fst)
by her family

Thursday, 13 December
St. Lucy, virgin, martyr (OblMem)
12:05 p.m. - ALFRED CATALINI
(42nd anniversary of death; 87th anniversary of wedding)
by his daughter, Rose Marie
by her daughter, Catherine, and family

Friday, 14 December
St. John of the Cross, priest, doctor (OblMem)
12:05 p.m. - JOSEPH A. FABIANI
by his wife, Johanne, and family

Saturday, 15 December
Advent Weekday
8:00 a.m. - BARBARA PILKUS
by Charles and Mary Tamburelli
Vigil of Sunday
4:30 p.m. - MIM and BETTY
by Phyllis C. Kevy and Roni J. Kevy (+)

Sunday, 16 December
Third Sunday of Advent
7:45 a.m. - JOHN KLEMA
by Andy and Clare Alfonsi
10:45 a.m. - AGNES OWENS (anniversary of birth)
by her daughter, Kitty Owens DiCello


stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 01


01 / 02 DECEMBER

Saint Joseph Parish
from the envelopes and $129.00 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $3,588.00 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $410.08 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $160.01, the sum of which is $570.09, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $941.06 the sum total of which is $1,511.15, one sees that $2,076.85 of this collection is available for operating the parish.

Saint Francis deSales Parish
from the envelopes and $72.35 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $224.35 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $46.15 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $60.67, the sum of which is $106.82, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $188.21, the sum total of which is $295.03, one sees that ($70.68) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a defecit!

Sat       01 Dec

Frank C won $100.00
Sun      02 Dec

Arlean M won $150.00
Mon     03 Dec

Joe W won the $50.00
Tues     04 Dec

R.L. won the $50.00
Wed     05 Dec

Jason B won $50.00
Thurs   06 Dec

Bob R won $50.00
Fri        07 Dec

Nobody won the $50.00

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 02



Tuesday, 11 December
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Thursday, 13 December
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Friday, 14 November
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
at St. Francis deSales'
THE SANCTUARY LAMP at St. Joseph Church is offered, during the week of 09 - 15 Dec, in loving memory of Frank A. LaPlaca, at the request of his wife, Victoria.
On February 10, 2008 a special diocesan event will be held, Catholic Charities Gala to Honor the 10th Anniversary of Most Reverend Bishop Edward P. Cullen, D.D. A Mass of Thanksgiving will be held at the Cathedral, followed by a dinner at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Fogelsville. All the faithful throughout the diocese are invited to participate in the celebration of the Bishop's anniversary and to support Catholic Charities in fulfilling its mission to provide compassionate human services to the poor and vulnerable of our diocese. To receive an invitation, become a sponsor or place a patron or business advertisement in the program, please contact Lynne Shampain by December 21 at Catholic Charities 610-791-3888 x310 or

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 03


10 December
None, as far as we know.

11 December
David A. Cooper
Barbara Rehnert Kull
Clyde V. Neifert Jr.
Christopher P. Shevlin

12 December
Annette Doyne Kline
Brandon J. Macaluso
13 December
Ryan E. Fessler


14 December
Ronald J. Carestia Sr.
Brenda B. Mennig
Tara Tranquillo

15 December
Joseph T. Cescon
Noah D. George
Anna Arnt Tice

16 December
David A. Hauptly Jr.
Joseph M. Mazzuca
Mary Morris Nolley
Jaime L. O'Donnell

Jennifer L. Cory / 11th grade / Minersville / First Honors
Christian S. Modesto / 9th grade / Nativity / Distinguished Honors
Brittany R. Cory / 5th grade / Minersville / Distinguished Honors
Numbered among the AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE ALL-STAR PICKS is David J. Chiplonia. He was chosen for Offensive Tight End (2nd Team) and was one of two choices for Defensive End (2nd Team).
David is the eldest son of Julian and Nora (Mooney) Chiplonia. He is a senior at Nativity BVM High School and an altar boy at St. Joseph Parish.

stjos/stfds:12.09.2007 - 04


PLEASE BE AWARE that the film The Golden Compass, which opened on 7 December, is a film based on a book that was written by Philip Pullman.
Mr. Pullman calls himself an "agnostic" and an "atheist". [I don't know how anyone can be simultaneously an agnostic and an atheist. I'm just telling you what I have read about him!]
The important thing to know is this: Mr. Pullman uses his considerable writing talent in order to promote atheism and he does so via stories that are directed to children.
Just recently, I purchased a copy of The Dark Materials, a trilogy of novels by Mr. Pullman, the first of which is The Golden Compass.
I am just starting to get into it. I can tell you more about it after I've had a chance to read it in its entirety.
However, for now, please be aware that The Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights is asking everyone to be extremely cautious about exposing children to this movie.
I am not big on censorship. However, I would like to say that parents would do well to direct their children away from this movie but, if their children do see this movie, I suggest that parents become acquainted with the critique of Mr. Pullman's trilogy that is available from the website of The Catholic League.

If anyone wants a copy of this critique, you can download it yourself or else ask Fr. Connolly (or one of the parish secretaries) to give you a copy.

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 05

If a person is in the state of mortal sin and, being fully aware that he is in the state of mortal sin, nonetheless makes the free decision to go forward to receive Holy Communion, that person has committed a terrible act of sacrilege - a sin so serious that it would be no exaggeration to refer to it as assault and battery on the Body of Christ.
I want everyone to know that - every once in a while - I have found myself in the position of giving Holy Communion to some persons who, I strongly suspect, ought not to have presented themselves for Communion.
What can I (or any priest or deacon or extraordinary minister) be expected to do in such a case?
There is nothing I can do. In order for me to decline to give someone Holy Communion, I need to have something akin to sure and certain knowledge of that person's spiritual state. "Sure and certain knowledge" is hard to come by. In addition to this, even if I were to have "sure and certain knowledge", I am aware of my pastoral responsibility not to do anything that would bring public shame on anyone.
Therefore, I have to admit that I have, on occasion, given Holy Communion to some persons who - I am almost certain - were making me a hapless party to their acts of sacrilege. My only reaction, after giving these persons Communion, is to make a silent apology to the Lord for my role in the whole sorry transaction.
[Please spare me any rhetoric about being judgmental! The rhetoric of intimidation doesn't cut it with me.]
Bottom line: If you are sexually involved with anyone to whom you are not validly married or if you use artificial contraception or if you have had an abortion and have not confessed it in Confession or if you have knowingly and deliberately missed Mass on Sundays or holydays of obligation and have not confessed it in Confession or if you are currently in a state of active hostility towards some person, such that you refuse even to say "hello" to that person, do not come forward to receive Holy Communion, lest you incur the anger of the Lord for violating His Sacred Body.

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 06


The Answer Priest

Dear Answer Priest:
I asked my parish priest why Cardinal Ratzinger changed his name from "Joseph" to "Benedict" when he was elected Pope. I asked him why couldn't he just have kept the name that he had all his life and be known as "Pope Joseph" instead of "Pope Benedict"?
My parish priest said he didn't know, but that The Answer Priest probably knows. So, that's why I'm writing to you.
Always Wanted to Know

Dear Always Wanted to Know:
All of the Popes up to and including the year 532 kept their own personal names after being elected.
However, in 533 a man named Mercury was elected Pope. Because his name was the name of a Roman god, he thought it would be inappropriate to be known as "Pope Mercury", so he changed his name to John.
Since there had already been a Pope John by that time, Mercury became known as Pope John II.
So, Pope John II was the first Pope to change his name to what has become known as a "regnal name" (i.e. a "ruling name").
The next four Popes after him kept their own personal names.
However, in 561, a man named "Cataline" was elected. Because this was also considered a pagan name, he changed it to John when he was elected. So, Pope John III was the second Pope to change his name.
(The next eight Popes name John - John IV to John XI - were "John" before they were elected.)
In 955, a man named Octavian (also considered a pagan name) was elected. He changed his name to John. So, Pope John XII was the third Pope to change his name.
Pope John XIII was John before he was elected

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 07

In 983, a man named Peter was elected. He thought it would be inappropriate or disrespectful to be known as "Pope Peter", because he thought that name should be retired in deference to the first Pope. Therefore, he took the name John. So, Pope John XIV was the fourth Pope to change his name. This was also the start of a tradition for Popes not to name themselves "Peter".
In 996, a man name Bruno was elected Pope. He was the first German to be elected Pope. For reasons that are not 100% certain, he also changed his name. He changed it to Gregory. It is possible that he thought that having a German name would not sit well with the Romans, but that's just a guess. So, Pope Gregory V was the fifth Pope to change his name.
That seems to have started a landslide.
Every Pope since 996 has changed his name upon being elected Pope.
Why? Well, that's a good question. It's not a law. It is simply a custom or tradition.
Technically, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) could have called himself "Pope Joseph I" if he had wanted to. Nobody could have required him to change his name.
However, it is seen as a SIGN OF HUMILITY to change one's name. It signifies that the Pope's authority is not due to his personal qualities or family connections, but is due to the fact that he holds the office of Bishop of Rome. It is also a SIGN OF CONTINUITY with his predecessors. It would be very unusual for a new Pope to take a name that had never been taken before (at least not in the last thousand years or so). The closest we have come to a new name was Pope John Paul I - the one who lived for only 34 days after being elected. He was the first Pope to take a double name. However, even his double name was a combination of the names of his two immediate predecessors (John XXIII and Paul VI).

The Answer Priest

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 08

It has often been observed that, after a year or two of marriage, many husbands start to take their wives for granted. They rarely, if ever, say sweet and romantic things to them, the way they used to when they were courting.
Some men just don't know the vocabulary of love and romance or, if they ever did know it, they have forgotten it.
We came across a tender ballad known as A REDNECK'S LOVE SONG. It was so pretty, it brought a tear to my eye.
As a special service to the married men of our parishes (and, indirectly, to their wives), we print the text here. The melody is not important. You can make that up as you go along. Men, sing this to your wives and see how they will get just all misty-eyed and choked up.

A Redneck's Love Song

Collards is green,
my dog's name is Blue
and I'm so lucky
to have a sweet thang like you.

Yor hair is like cornsilk
a-flappin' in the breeze,
softer than Blue's
and without all them fleas.

You move like the bass,
which excite me in May.
You ain't got no scales
but I luv ya anyway.

Yor as satisfy'n as okry
jist a-fry'n in the pan.
Yor as fragrant as snuff
right out of the can.

Ya have some a yor teeth,
for which I am proud;
I hold my head high
when we're in a crowd.

On special occasions,
ya shave under yor arms,
and I'm in hawg heaven,
jest awed by yor charms.

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 09


Still them fellers at work,
they all wannna know,
what I did to deserve
such a purdy young doe.

Like a good roll of duct tape
yor there fer yor man,
to patch up life's troubles
and fix what you can.

Yor as cute as a junebug
a-buzzin' overhead.
You ain't mean like those fire ants
I found in my bed.

Cut from the best cloth,
like a plaid flannel shirt,
you spark up my life,
more'n a fresh load of dirt.

When you hold me real tight,
like a padded gunrack,
my life is complete;
ain't nuttin' I lack.

Yor complexion's perfection,
like the best vinyl sidin'.
Despite all the years,
yor age it keeps hidin'.

Me 'n you's like a Moon Pie
with a RC cold drank.
We go together
like a skunk goes with stank.

Some men, they buy choc'late
fer Valentine's Day.
They git it at Wal-Mart.
It's romanic that way.

Some men git roses
on that special day
from the cooler at Kroger.
"That's impressive," I say.

Some men buy fine diamonds
from a flea market booth.
"Diamonds are forever,"
they explain, suave and couth.

But for this man, honey,
these jest won't do,
'cause yor too special,
you sweet thang, you!

I got you a gift,
without taste nor odor,
more useful than diamonds.
It's a new troll'n motor!!

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 10

First of all, you walk in: SAINT JOSEPH PARISH HALL.
Come on the right day:
And at the right time:
11:30 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.
Step up to the table on your left and speak up clearly.
Tell the nice man at the table how many tickets you want.
Have your money ready:
We define "child" as anyone who has not yet observed his 13th birthday, but is old enough to feed himself! So, if you bring in a baby or a toddler who is willing to eat from your platter, we won't charge you for him!
Then you sit down.
Then you wait (not very long at all) for someone to bring you a bowl of SALAD.
You may then commence eating.
Enjoy some
BREAD and BUTTER with your SALAD.
Very soon thereafter, someone will come and place a steaming platter of
SPAGHETTI and MEATBALLS in front of you.
Sprinkle some
OREGANO and / or GRATED CHEESE and / or some SALT and PEPPER - whatever makes you happy.
And then
If you want an additional platter of
SPAGHETTI, tell one of our courteous and efficient waitresses. She will be happy to bring you some more. NO CHARGE! Why no charge? Because we like you, that's why!
For a small extra charge, you can have some delicious homemade
Bring a friend!

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 11

WE ACKNOWLEDGE WITH GRATITUDE the receipt of contributions to the StJosPar Memorial Fund as follows:

In memory of
Joanne Elizabeth Palko Bach

Brian and Louise Flaherty
Scott and Andrea Renninger

In memory of
James Anthony Coyle

Leon Buffington
Barbara Doran
Ronald K. Werley
Boyle & Company, P.A., Certified Public Accountants
Eighth-grade parishioners attending Catholic, public or private school are invited to apply for a one-year $1,000 scholarship to attend one of the eight Catholic high schools of the Diocese of Allentown. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of: academic achievement; involvement in extracurricular activities; service to school, parish and community; pastor, principal and teacher recommendations.
Application forms are available from the parish office or the school office.
Completed applications must be submitted to the student's school by 4 January 2008.

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 12



It is not pleasant to have to sleep outdoors on cold winter nights.

With this in mind, several congregations in Pottsville are using their facilities in order to provide shelter and sleeping accommodations for homeless persons.

As we have done in the past,
St. Joseph Parish is allowing use of its parish hall for this purpose.

Our hall will be available from 16 to 29 December,
under certain well-defined conditions.

We need volunteers to supervise.

Please volunteer.

For more information and / or to volunteer,
call Dave Reimer at 691-6747.

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 13


Saturday, 08 December
Vigil of Sunday
6:00 p.m. - DOMENICA ["Mamie"] DeMATTEO LaSELVA
by Tony and Gayle Sleva
Sunday, 09 December
Second Sunday of Advent
9:15 a.m. - FRED YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dombrowny Haag
12:15 p.m. - PARISHIONERS: StJosPar / StFdSPar
by EBC

Monday, 10 December
Advent Weekday
by Greg and Aleece

Wednesday, 12 December
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Fst)
by his parents, Joseph and Josephine

Friday, 14 December
St. John of the Cross, priest, doctor (OblMem)
by Greg and Aleece

Saturday, 15 December
Vigil of Sunday
by her sister, Mary Deramo Measel

Sunday, 16 December
Third Sunday of Advent
9:15 a.m. - DICK YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dombrowny Haag
12:15 p.m. - God's Blessings and Health on JOSEPH T. CESCON

stjos/stfds: 12.09.2007 - 14


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