Saturday, 17 November
Vigil of Sunday
4:30 p.m. - ANTHONY J. LUPPINO
by George and Michele Sekula and family

Sunday, 18 November
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:45 a.m. - ALBERT PILO and TONY PILO
by Jack and Flo McGovern
10:45 a.m. - DOMENICO and ANTONIA MERCURI by their grandchildren

Monday, 19 November
12:05 p.m. - JOSEPH A. PALKO
by his wife, Carmella, and his daughter, Joanne (+)
" Tuesday, 20 November
12:05 p.m. - GLORIA HRIBICK
by Salvatore and Mary Modesto
7:00 p.m. - MARY LUBINSKY KRIZNO (90th anniversary) by her grandchildren

Wednesday, 21 November
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (OblMem)
12:05 p.m. - Health and God's Blessings on SOPHIE DOBROSIELSKI D'ALFONSO
by Liz Troilo Acker
by his family

Thursday, 22 November
St. Cecilia, virgin, martyr (OblMem)
by J.J.B.

Friday, 23 November
St. Clement, pope, martyr;
St. Columban, abbot;
Bd. Miguel Agustin Pro, priest, martyr (OptMems)
12:05 p.m. - Rev. Msgr. PIETRO MARCHETTI (55th anniversary)
by the people of St. Joseph Parish

Saturday, 24 November
St. Andrew Dung-Lac and companions, martyrs (OblMem)
8:00 a.m. - WILLIAM DUNLAP
by Salvatore and Mary Modesto
Vigil of Christ the King
4:30 p.m. - WILLIAM HARMAN
by Mary Harman Luppino

Sunday, 25 November
Christ the King
by Harry and Rosa Lilley
10:45 a.m. - RYAN A. WALTERS
by Julia, Marie and Rose


stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 01


10 / 11 NOVEMBER

Saint Joseph Parish
from the envelopes and $135.00 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $1,686.00 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $410.08 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $160.01, the sum of which is $570.09, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $941.06 the sum total of which is $1,511.15, one sees that $174.85 of this collection is available for operating the parish.

Saint Francis deSales Parish
from the envelopes and $69.55 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $228.55 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $46.15 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $60.67, the sum of which is $106.82, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $188.21, the sum total of which is $295.03, one sees that ($66.48) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a defecit!


Sat       10 Nov

Dan D won $100.00
Sun      11 Nov

Nobody won $150.00
Mon     12 Nov

Donna N won the $50.00
Tues     13 Nov

EBC won the $50.00
Wed     14 Nov

Red K won $50.00
Thurs   15 Nov

Frank B won $50.00
Fri        16 Nov

R. Brown won the $50.00

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 02


Tuesday, 20 November
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Wednesday, 21 November
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Friday, 23 November
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
at St. Francis deSales'
THE SANCTUARY LAMP at St. Joseph Church is offered, during the week of 18 - 24 November, in loving memory of Angeline Julian LaPlaca, at the request of her daughter, Angie LaPlaca Deramo.

THE LOURDES GROTTO CANDLE is offered, during the week of 18 - 24 November, in loving memory of Josephine Morris Jones and Charles Morris, at the request of their sister, Jean.

Because of Thanksgiving: There will not be a 7:00 p.m. Mass on Thursday, 22 Nov. Instead, there will be a 7:00 p.m. Mass on Wednesday, 21 Nov.
Also: No 10:00 a.m. Mass at StFdS on Fri 23 Nov.

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 03


19 November
Dominic F. Piccioni
Deanne D. Stevenson
Mary Julian Strunak

20 November
ohn J. Griffin
A. Louise Sciarrone Marasco
John D. Melocheck

21 November
Cecelia Spina Manzo
Alessandra K. Pagnotta

22 November
Ronald J. Carestia Jr.
Ruth Eisenhuth Gerace
Heather M. Maccarone

23 November
Caroline A. Barbetta
Angeline LaPlaca Deramo
Patricia Feeley Garland
Clint R. Lecher
Eric S. Lecher
Patricia Adams LaPlaca

24 November
Dorothy A. D'Alfonso

25 November
Brandon M. Hullihan
Rosa Alfonsi Lilley
Joseph E. McDonald
Remo Piccioni
Kaitlyn E. Shappell


A boy antenna and a girl antenna met on a rooftop. They fell in love and got married. They came from large families. There were lots of antennae at the wedding. The reception was excellent.
A jumper cable walked into a bar. The bartender said, "Listen up, buddy, I'll serve you, but you'd better not start anything."
A man walked into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm. He said to the bartender, "I'll have a double whiskey and give me one for the road."
The Invisible Man and the Invisible Woman got married. They had a couple of kids, but they were nothing to look at.
I went to Cabela's to buy some camouflage pants and jacket. The clerk couldn't find any.
Why are you limping?
I tripped and fell while I was at the Adelphia Seafood. I think I pulled a mussel.

stjos/stfds:11.18.2007 - 04


His Catholic Majesty, Juan Carlos I, King of Spain and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, while attending the Ibero - American summit in Santiago, Chile, on Saturday, 10 November, uttered the following unkingly - but distinctly memorable - words to Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela:
"¿Porqué no te callas?"
Translation: "Why don't you shut up?"

My comment
¡Gracias, su majestad! (Thank you, Your Majesty!)
¡Viva el rey! (Long live the King!)
¡Dios, ven a la ayuda de Venezuela! (God, come to the aid of Venezuela!)
Señor Presidente, con permiso: Tenga la bondad de callarte. ¡Muchas gracias!
(Mr. President, if you don't mind: Please be so kind as to shut up! Thank you very much!)

Note: Hugo Chavez is an enemy of God and an enemy of the Catholic Church in Latin America. Like all totalitarians, he poses as a friend of the common man and woman. He needs to be isolated and removed - preferably by the people of Venezuela - sooner, rather than later. O God, come to their assistance! O Lord, make haste to help them!

How many Popes named Benedict have there been in the history of the Catholic Church? Include our present Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in your calculation.
The first person - and only the first - to call St. Joseph Rectory [622-3081] with the correct answer will win a free December lottery calendar!
Call no later than Monday, 19 November, at 3:00 p.m. If you get the answering machine, leave your name, telephone number and answer.
ANYONE WANT TO GO TO BETHLEHEM AREA this evening (Sunday, 18 Nov) to attend a lecture on the subject of Apologetics? This is short notice. Tell Fr. Connolly or else call St. Joseph Rectory. Leaving at 5:15 p.m. Lecture is at 7:00 p.m.

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 05


Does our life become from day to day more painful, more oppressive, more replete with afflictions? Blessed be He a thousand times who desires it so. If life be harder, love makes it also stronger, and only this love, grounded on suffering, can carry the Cross of my Lord Jesus Christ. Love without egotism, without relying on self, but enkindling in the depth of the heart an ardent thirst to love and suffer for all those around us: a thirst that neither misfortune nor contempt can extinguish. I believe, O Lord; but strengthen my faith! Heart of Jesus, I love Thee; but increase my love. Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee; but give greater vigor to my confidence. Heart of Jesus, I give my heart to Thee; but so enclose it in Thee that it may never be separated from Thee. Heart of Jesus, I am all Thine; but take care of my promise so that I may be able to put it in practice even unto the complete sacrifice of my life.

These words were written by a 36-year-old priest as he was awaiting execution.
Fr. Miguel Agustin Pro, SJ, born on 13 January 1891, was executed by firing squad in Mexico City on 23 November 1927. His feast day is Friday.
He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1988.
Father Pro refused the blindfold when he was put up against the wall.
His very last words, as he awaited the volley of bullets to rip open his chest, were these:

¡Viva Cristo Rey!
[Long live Christ the King!]

Blessed Miguel, pray for us to Jesus!
Teach us how to love and how to die!

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 06


Dear Family,
Regretfully, I have a message that does not come without significant pain to both you and me. I have to tell you in all honesty and truth, that I have been personally involved with helping a widow and her struggling family. Over the course of time, the mother and I have grown very close. As a result, I am compelled to take some time off to prayerfully and honestly discern my future.
I am truly sorry of the impact this may have on so many. I am not unaware of the gravity and magnitude of the situation, yet after much wise counsel, it is really something that I must deal with now for the good of all. With that said, it is best that I deal with it away from EWTN.
Therefore, I have asked for and graciously been granted some extended time to prayerfully discern my vocation. To those who are part of the EWTN family locally, and others throughout the world, especially all those who have supported me so faithfully in my priestly vocation and ministry here on Life on the Rock, I sincerely apologize. I ask for your prayers and understanding during this time that is so very difficult, but yet so very necessary.
Please lift me up in your humble prayers to Jesus through Mary, our Mother, in Grace and Mercy.
Fr Francis Mary, MFVA

Whenever it happens that a priest announces that he is leaving the priesthood - whether it be a definitive leaving or an indeterminate leaving "for the sake of discernment" as they say, it is important for us not only to avoid that kind of rigorism that would amount to condemnation of the individual, but also - and this is my main point - to avoid that kind of laxism that would amount to a trivialization of the commitment a man makes when he accepts ordination to the priesthood.
So, let me say at the outset: May God bless Fr. Francis Mary Stone. May God help him through this time of crisis. May God make it clear to Fr. Francis that he must commend the widow and her struggling family to someone else's pastoral care and that he must come safely back to the exercise of priesthood.
Someone will say: "Well, I think that is very underhandedly judgmental of you! On the one hand, you wish him well. On the other hand, you implicitly dismiss his right to leave the priesthood and to go with the widow and her struggling family."
And I say: But, my friend, Fr. Francis does not have that right! He has it physically and civilly, but he does not have it morally! Do you not see what I mean?
I cannot presume to speak for Fr. Francis or for anyone else. So, I shall speak for myself but - quite frankly - shall hope that I speak for others as well.

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 07

If anyone were to ask me why I have never left the priesthood, I would smile and say, "Because I am not allowed to!" That might sound humorous, and I grant you it is somewhat humorous, but, by God, it is the truth! I am not allowed to leave the priesthood. What makes me "not allowed" is that I fully understood when I was ordained that the Church was ordaining me with the understanding that I would never leave. If I had told the seminary authorities or Bishop McShea that I was accepting ordination to the priesthood on condition that I could opt out if things did not work out the way I was hoping they would work out, I am quite certain the seminary authorities would not have recommended me for ordination and Bishop McShea would not have ordained me.
I admit to being cynical about the phrase "discern my vocation". I don't recall that I ever seriously discerned my vocation. I had been subjectively certain for many years that God wanted me to be a priest. I submitted my subjective certainty to Bishop McShea in 1961. He sent me to a Discernment Farm for five years. During those five years, I didn't do any discerning - I was too busy studying - but I got the impression that the Rector and the faculty of the Discernment Farm were discerning up a storm. After five years, they presented their discernings about me to the Bishop. Maybe the Bishop did some independent discerning of his own - I don't know, I never asked! All I know is that, in 1966, the Bishop invited me to step forward if I wanted him to ordain me. I did and he did and the rest is history. Now, how do I know I have a vocation to the priesthood? Simple! The Bishop told me that I did! What more do I need to know? Farewell and good riddance to all discernment! I am a priest and do with me as you will.
To be practical, there are one or two other things: In order to maintain the priestly vocation, I find I must:
(a) really believe in the Three-Person God and in the Incarnation of God the Second Person; (b) really love the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, so much so that the Catholic Church becomes my wife; (c) really believe in transubstantiation, sanctifying grace and other sublime intangibles; (d) avoid like the plague the flattery of women, especially of widows with struggling families, together with the blandishments of other emotionally vulnerable and moderately unhinged persons of the female persuasion.
I know that I am not called by God to be any woman's husband because He has already called me to share His husbandship towards the Church.
If I were to forsake the priesthood, I would, for the rest of my life, be doomed to seeing a rat fink staring back at me whenever I would pass by a mirror.
So, dear Father Francis: Stop discerning your future. Instead, come back to the future. The Lord has sworn and He will not repent: You are a priest forever according to the law of Melchisedech.

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 08

Hello, Father!
Just in case you were looking for some good gossip on a few of your finest parishioners for juicy bulletin material I've got some …….....
Albert Jr. (Albie) got the second place award for the All Saints Science fair. Albie also got first honors on his first semester report card. A 95 was his lowest mark. He'll need to work on that.
Mallory is being recognized as student of the month for BMEW before the school board this week. Michael, Nicholas, Marissa and Mallory all won the art contests for their grade levels at BMEW. You can see their pretty little faces in the Call newspaper. Marissa got straight A's. Nicholas came very close to straight A's - so close he could taste it, but you know how that goes.
Michael - well, until he overcomes this hormonal shift, he is experiencing B's. Sadly, this will have to do.
I thought you could use some simple good news. Sometimes these simple things soothe the soul.
Annetta Mercuri Yackenchick

Dear Annetta:
Thank you for this juicy gossip. I shall include it - unedited - in the bulletin.
I am delighted that the five oldest kids are doing so well. I'm sure you'll agree that all of the credit goes to their father.
I notice you don't tell me anything about the three little ones:
Anthony, Nathan and Madalyn. I guess, at their tender ages, all their time is taken up with being cute. That can be a full-time job!
Don't worry about Michael and his hormonal shift. It's part of the agony and the ecstasy of membership in the male gender. I'll explain it all to you someday.
Sorry to hear that Albie got a 95. Put that boy on bread and water until he gets his act together!
I saw your artists' pretty little faces in the newspaper. Sweet!
I'm happy for Marissa's straight "A's". Maybe she'll let Nicholas borrow one, so he can have a complete set.
Thanks for the good news. May your soul continue to be soothed by the simple things and your husband and children be your greatest joys - at least until you see God face to face.


stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 09



Please note:
1) If your name is not on this list and it should be, please let us know.
2) Names printed in
BLUE are new contributors since the last time we printed a list of contributors

ACKER, Mary Elizabeth Troilo
ALFONSI, Alesandro / Mary Clare
BARONE, Angelo / Kay
BARONE, Eleanor Meros
BLANKENHORN, Ann Hoepstine
BUTERA, Ralph / Kathleen
CAIRNS, James / Marie
CARAVAN, Raymond / Ugenia
CARESTIA, Ronald / Joanne
CERULLO, William J.
CESCON, Cheryl A.
CESCON, Joseph T.
CHALINSKY, Jeanette Ciorlanti

CHIPLONIA, Julian / Mary
CHIPLONIA, Julian / Nora
D'ALFONSO, Sophie Dobrosielski
D'ALESSANDRO, Dominick / Anna
DeMARKIS, Louis D. Jr.
DERAMO, Anthony N.
DeSTEFANO, Andrew / Loreta
DiCELLO, Katherine Owens
DiMARCELLO, Margaret R.
ECKLEY, Henry / Margaret
FABIANI,johanne Lupino
FRINZI, Joseph / Sandy
GARGANO, Vincent A.
GARLAND, Patricia Feeley
GENTILE, Vincent M.
GERACE, Jacob / Rosalie
GETZEY, Robert / Denise
GUASTAVINO, Thomas / Karen
HANLON, Gregory / Aleece
HERWIG, Marion L.
HOFFECKER, Victoria LaPlaca
KANE, Edward / Florence
KAUFFMAN, Rose Chiplonia
KEVY, Phyllis C.
KEVY, Veronica J. (+)
KHELOUSSI, Claudia Franzelin
KING, John / Nancy
KUTCH, John / Patricia
KUTCH, Mary Genovese
LANG, Jean Albo
LAPLACA, Julia Senitch
LASCALA, Theresa Doyle
LaSELVA, Edward / Domenica
LILLEY, Harry / Rosa
LONG, Mae Gerace
LUPPINO, Mary Harman
MALYS, Casimir / Julia
MANZO, Cecelia Spina
MANZO, Katherine A.


MARIANELLI, Bruce / Kathy
MATTERA, Frank / Camille
MAZZUCA, Julia Civitarese
McGOVERN, John / Flavia
MANLEY, Edith Recla
MENGEL, Carl / Mildred
MERCURI, Domenic / Antonette
MESSINA, Josephine Megna
MOHAN, Frank / Stella
MODESTO, John / Sharon
MODESTO, Salvatore / Mary
PALERINO, Joseph / Ann Marie
PASCUZZO, Albert / Martha
PICCIONI, Ann Breslin
PICCIONI, Francis / Regina
PICCIONI, Robert / Mary Sharon
PICCIONI, Thomas / Patricia
PILO, Anthony A.
PILO, Pasquale / Mary
POPECK, Frank / Rose
POTTS, Nancy Ayello
RINALDO, Charles / Mary
RUTECKY, Christine Troilo
SCHENCK, Thomas M.
STAGLIANO, Frances Papapietro
SWARTZ, Robert / Denise
THYE, David / Susan
TRANQUILLO, Frank / Ann Marie
UNDERWOOD, Joanne Manzo
VERHAGEN, Michael / Jennifer
WALTERS, Thomas / Margaret
WEISS, John / Frances
WILSON, Susanne V.
WOOD, Ralph / Joanne
YACKENCHICK, Albert / Annetta
ZELLER, Rose Marie Fabiani

Goal: $11,910
So far $10,765
To go: $1,145

BONCORE, Francis / Debra
HAAG, Earl / Nancy
HEIMBAUGH, Helen Wychunas
KULL, Barbara Rehnert
WYCHUNAS, Gerald / Tina
WYCHUNAS, Raydell Yeich

Goal: $1,413
So far   $710
To go:   $703




Please (notice I said "please" and that should count for something!)
Please make a donation or a pledge to the Bishop's Annual Appeal

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 10

WE ACKNOWLEDGE WITH GRATITUDE the receipt of contributions to the StJosPar Memorial Fund as follows:

In memory of
Francis D. Tucci
Angelo and Kay Barone

In memory of
Joanne E. Palko Bach
Jean Farber
Jani Lambert
Judy Close
Vince Gargano and Alice Straub
Jackie Fronza
Jean Brennan
Rozetar family
Ruby and Rod Knott
Kevin Pinto
Mary Troilo Acker and family
Angelo and Kay Barone
M/M Terry Hafer Sr.
Jim and Patty Garland
Andy and Angie Dudish
Gary and Donna Klemovage
Bill and Ann Marie Bresloskie
Helen Mogish
Pat and Mary Pilo
Atty. and Mrs. Robert Bohorad
John P. Gombola
Vince and Elaine Bobbin
Gayle C. Ulrich

David J. Chiplonia, a member of St. Joseph Parish and a senior at Nativity BVM High School, is one of two students nominated for the Wendy's High School Heisman Awards Program. Nice!

Something I can be thankful for: I look for things for which I can be thankful at this time of year and one thing that occurs to me is this: I can be thankful for the fact that our local Tattoo - Body Piercing Emporium has moved a couple blocks north on S. Centre Street. This puts it within walking distance from St. Joseph Rectory. Now, I can just stroll down the street and around the corner for all of my piercing and body-art needs. The folks at the Methodist church and the folks at the Schuylkill County Municipal Authority are even luckier than I. They can just go next door. How convenient!

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 11

St. Joseph Parish sold 660 calendars.
St. Francis deSales Parish sold 37 calendars.
Total number of calendars sold: 697.
At $5.00 each, the gross revenue amounted to $3,485.00.
Deduct from this the following:
$1,750.00 in prizes;
$70.00 in printing;
$42.20 in postage.
Total deductions: $1,862.20.
Net revenue: $1,622.80.
Divided between the two parishes
in proportion to number of calendars sold by each:
St. Joseph Parish (94.7%) earned $1,536.65.
St. Francis deSales Parish (5.3%) earned $86.15.
Albert J. Yackenchick Jr., 8th grade, All Saints School, First Honors
Evan J. Getzey, 7th grade, Blue Mountain Middle School
Megan L. McCord, 7th grade, D.H.H. Lengel Middle School
Date: Sunday, 9 December
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place: St. Vincent dePaul Parish Center, Minersville
Includes: Crafts; Silent Auction; Food and Drink; Bake Sale
More Info: Call Maryann at 544-6086

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 12


We all know the difference between a person who is nominally Catholic and one who is a practicing Catholic. The difference is enormous! The same sort of distinction applies in reference to colleges / universities.
There are more "Catholic colleges and universities" than you can shake a stick at. There are only a few that are reliably and foundationally Catholic.
Twenty-one reliably Catholic colleges (USA and Canada) are listed here.
Keep them in mind when deciding where to spend your tuition dollars.
This is an alphabetical list.
Note that one of these is "just down the road a piece", viz. DeSales University!

Aquinas College, Nashville TN
Ave Maria University, Naples FL
Belmont Abbey College, Belmont NC
Benedictine College, Atchison KS
Christendom College, Front Royal VA
DeSales University, Center Valley PA
Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville OH
Holy Apostles College & Seminary, Cromwell CT
John Paul the Great Catholic University, San Diego CA
Magdalen College, Warner NH
Mount St. Mary's University, Emmitsburg MD
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, Barry's Bay ON
Southern Catholic College, Dawsonville GA
St. Gregory's University, Shawnee OK
The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
The College of Saint Thomas More, Fort Worth TX
The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Merrimack NH
Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula CA
University of Dallas, Dallas TX
University of St. Thomas, Houston TX
Wyoming Catholic College, Lander WY

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 13


Saturday, 17 November
Vigil of Sunday
by Victoria LaPlaca Hoffecker

Sunday, 18 November
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
by Julian and Nora Chiplonia and sons
12:15 p.m. - FRED YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dunbrowney Haag

Monday, 19 November
10:00 a.m. - JAMES BLACKWELL
by Joseph T. Cescon and family

Wednesday, 21 November
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (OblMem)
by Shirley Losch Recla

Saturday, 24 November
Vigil of Christ the King
by bequest

Sunday, 25 November
Christ the King
9:15 a.m. -DICK YUENGLING Sr.
by Nancy Dunbrowney Haag
by Helen Carr and family

stjos/stfds: 11.18.2007 - 14


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