Saturday, 30 September
Vigil of Sunday
4:30 p.m. - MARIE ELAINE LUPPINO (anniversary of birth)
by her mother, Kathryn and family

Sunday, 01 October
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
by his wife, Jeanette
10:45 a.m. - ARTHUR B. WHITNEY
by his son, Michael, and his daughter-in-law, Catherine

Monday, 02 October
The Guardian Angels (OblMem)
12:05 p.m. - Deceased: GALLIANO FAMILY
by Rose Marie Fabiani Zeller

Tuesday, 03 October
12:05 p.m. - BLESSINGS ON ROSE (birthday)
by a friend

Wednesday, 04 October
t. Francis of Assisi, religious (OblMem)
12:05 p.m. - ANGELO CHIODO
by Mary and John
7:00 p.m. - ANTHONY J. LUPPINO
(1st anniversary) by his wife, Mary, and family

Thursday, 05 October
12:05 p.m. - WALTER McKEOWN
by Julia Senitch Laplaca
7:00 p.m. - DOMINIC TROILO
by his sisters, Tina Troilo Rutecky and Liz Troilo Acker

Friday, 06 October
St. Bruno, priest; Bl. Marie Rose Durocher, virgin (OptMems)
12:05 p.m. - PETER SENITCH and MARY SENITCH TUFT by their sister, Julia Senitch Laplaca
by her husband, John

Saturday, 07 October
Our Lady of the Rosary (OblMem)
8:00 a.m. - Intentions: THIRD ORDER CARMELITES
by the TOC community
Vigil of Sunday
by Anthony (+) and Mary Luppino

Sunday, 08 October
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:45 a.m. - JOHN R. MACCARONE
by his sister, Nancy Maccarone King, and family
10:45 a.m. - FRANK OWENS (anniversary of birth)
by his sister, Kitty Owens DiCello

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 01



Saint Joseph Parish
from the envelopes and $110.00 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $1,462.00 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $358.85 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $149.20, the sum of which is $508.05, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $987.21, the sum total of which is $1,495.26, one sees that ($33.26) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a deficit!

Saint Francis deSales Parish
from the envelopes and $47.15 from the plate. Thank you.
When one deducts from the sum of these two figures, $224.15 the parish's weekly financial obligation to the Diocese, i.e. assessments, $55.15 plus the weekly premiums for property and liability insurance, $56.72, the sum of which is $111.87, plus its weekly obligation to All Saints School, $197.44, the sum total of which is $309.31, one sees that ($85.16) of this collection is available for operating the parish. This is a deficit!

Sat       23 Sept

Mike M  won $100.00
Sun      24 Sept

Bill T won the $150.00
Mon     25 Sept

Mae M won $50.00
Tues     26 Sept

Jessier & Walter won $50.00
Wed     27 Sept

DRay C won $50.00
Thurs   28 Sept

Mario S won $50.00
Fri       29 Sept

Carol S won $50.00

stjos/stfds:10.01.2006 - 02



Thursday, 05 October
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
at St. Francis deSales'

Thursday, 05 October
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
at St. Joseph's

Friday, 06 October
5:15 to 6:15 p.m.
at St. Joseph's
THE SANCTUARY LAMP at St. Joseph Church is offered, during the week of 01 to 08 October, in loving memory of Rev. Rosario F. Sciarrone, DD, at the request of his brother, Joseph, and family.
THE LOURDES GROTTO CANDLE is offered, during the week of 01 to 08 October, in loving memory of Anthony J. Luppino, at the request of his wife, Mary, and family.
WE ANTICIPATE THAT THERE WILL BE A WOMAN named Sue Musleh, who will be selling items from the Holy Land after all the Masses at St. Joseph Church this weekend (30 Sept / 01 Oct). The proceeds from the sale of these items is for the help of the Christian people of the war-torn countries of the Middle East. Please take a few moments to inspect the items our visitor will be displaying.

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 03



02 October
Joseph M. Lukach Sr.

03 October
Bernard Brilla
Tiffany L. Wychunas

04 October
Kiersten G. Boncore
Matthew J. Hall
Jennifer L. Morris
Rose D'Alfonso Popeck


05 October
Thomas P. Boulton
John F. Hullihan Jr.
Ashley N. Nicastro

06 October
Elizabeth Manzo Krizno
Mary Hribick Modesto

07 October
Adam J. Marianelli

08 October
Kelsey A. McGarry
Regina C. Rinaldo


DOMINIC J. CHIPLONIA, the middle of the three sons of Julian and Nora (Mooney) Chiplonia, spent five days in Washington DC (and surrounding area) this past week. He participated in the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. Dominic is a 7th grader at All Saints School.
We understand that he had a good time and that he saw and learned a lot of worthwhile things. We are proud to count Dominic as a member of St. Joseph Parish.
THIS IS AN UNUSUAL PARAGRAPH. How quickly can you find out what it is? It looks so plain you would think nothing is wrong and, in fact, nothing is wrong! It is unusual, though. Study it, and think about it and you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do it without any coaching!


stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 04

The St. Joseph Parish Women's Guild will meet this coming Wednesday - 4 October - at 8:00 p.m., i.e. after the 7:00 p.m. Mass. Important meeting! Please do your best to attend!
COULD YOU USE $20,000?
The Nativity BVM High School Green and Gold Club will be giving some fortunate person TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS after the drawing that will be held during halftime of the Varsity Girls' basketball game on 7 December 2006. Here is a thought! Why don't you buy a ticket in the name of either St. Joseph Parish or St. Francis deSales Parish and give it to the pastor to hold? A ticket costs $100.00. For a ticket, call Sharon Struzinsky Modesto at 628-9070 or else see Sister Paula in the school office.
Every October, the priests of the Allentown Diocese assemble for their annual workshop. Attendance is mandatory for active priests and optional for retired priests. About half of the priests attend from Monday to Wednesday; the other half from Wednesday to Friday. This year, the workshop is 2 to 6 October.
Please note:
Fr. Connolly will be away from Monday afternoon (2 Oct) to Wednesday evening (4 Oct).
Fr. Liebner will have the 12:05 p.m. Mass on Tuesday and Wednesday.

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 05


When I drive from Allentown to Pottsville, I almost always take "the usual route", viz. 78 to 61. Once in a while, just for a change of scenery, I take 309 to 895 to 443 to 61. The scenery is pleasant, especially in Autumn. Recently, while taking this route, I came across the following sign. As I recall, it was in the area of Schnecksville or thereabout.



"That's an attractive message" I thought to myself. "It is sure to snare some disaffected Catholic - "Catholic" as in "person of the Roman persuasion" as some Episcopalians are fond of saying in order to bolster their own spurious claim to being Catholic.
But I think I know the context from which that message proceeds! You see, what it really means is this: You are welcome to receive Communion in our church even if those judgmental Romans won't let you receive in theirs! So, come in! Eat our bread and drink our wine!
The Episcopal Church, like all of the mainline Protestant denominations, has long since run up the white flag in regard to believing or teaching that there is any possible connection between faith in Jesus Christ and the observance of a distinct code of sexual morality.
The Episcopal Church doesn't care anymore whether Heather has two mommies or two daddies or one of each. It doesn't care whether Bill is actually married to Shirley or if he is just taking her out for an extended test drive. It has long since stopped caring whether Jack has had a vasectomy or Lucy has had her tubes tied. It is just fine with the Episcopal Church if Shirley prefers Lucy to Bill or if Bill prefers Jack to Shirley or if Bill and Lucy and Shirley are a threesome! Bill and Lucy and Jack and Shirley and Heather and her two mommies and you - all are welcome to go up to Communion. However, they would prefer that you be an ecologically responsible citizen and moderate your carbon-dioxide emissions.

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 06



Note: I came across this prayer recently. I consider it an absolutely marvelous prayer! I encourage everyone to read it. I encourage everyone not only to read it, but to meditate upon it.
This prayer is extraordinarily counter-cultural. It is an excellent antidote to the indifference, disrespect, arrogance and disobedience that so many persons show towards their parents. Not to mention the cowardice, timidity and selfishness manifested by so many parents!
I have edited this prayer slightly from the form in which I first came across it.
Please be patient when reading this prayer. Don't hurry through it. Stay with the words. There is much here that is worth thinking about.

O God,
fill me with awe of my parents,
the awe one has toward a tyrannical sovereign,
and let me be devoted to them,
with the devotion of a compassionate mother!
Make my obedience and devotion to them
more gladdening to my eyes
than sleep to the drowsy
and more refreshing to my breast
than drink to the thirsty,
so that I may prefer their inclination
to my inclination,
set their satisfaction
before my satisfaction,
make much of their devotion to me
though it be little,
and make little of my devotion to them
though it be great.

O God,
lower before them my voice,
make agreeable to them my words,
make mild before them my temper,
make tender toward them my heart,
and turn me into their kind companion,
their loving friend!

O God,
thank them for my upbringing,
reward them for honouring me,
and guard them as they guarded me in my infancy!

O God,
and whatever harm has touched them from me,
detested thing has reached them from me,
or right of theirs which has been neglected by me,
allow it to alleviate their sins,
raise them in their degrees,
and add to their good deeds!
O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good deeds!

O God,
whatever word through which they have transgressed against me,
act through which they have been immoderate with me,
right of mine which they have left neglected,
or obligation toward me in which they have fallen short,
I grant it to them
and bestow it upon them,
and I beseech Thee
to remove from them its ill consequence,
for I do not accuse them concerning myself,
find them slow in their devotion toward me,
or dislike the way they have attended to my affairs, my Lord!

They have rights against me which are more incumbent,
precedence in beneficence toward me that is greater,
and kindness toward me that is mightier
than that I should settle accounts with justice
or repay them with equivalents.
Where then, my God, would be their long occupation
with bringing me up?
Where the hardship of their toil
in taking care of me?
Where the stinting of themselves
to provide me with plenty?
What an idea!
I can never discharge their right against me,
fulfill my obligations toward them,
or accomplish the duty of serving them.

So bless me and help me,
O Best of those whose help we seek!
Give me success, O Most Guiding of those whom we beseech!

Place me not among the people of disrespect to fathers and mothers
on the day when every soul will be repaid
for what it has earned.

Sahifa al-Kamilah
Supplication #24

             stjos/stfds:10.01.2006 - 07/08

The Knights of Columbus will conduct a membership "BLITZ" drive before and after Masses next weekend: 7 and 8 October, which is Columbus Day weekend. Prospect cards and informational brochures will be available. Membership is open to all practicing Catholic men, 18 years of age and older.
Teams of Knights will be available to answer questions and help interested men in completing membership applications
Sunday, 8 October, is ONE-WORLD-PRAYING DAY, sponsored by the Blue Army Shrine in Washington NJ and by EWTN. It is the day on which one billion prayers are being requested for LIFE and for PEACE. Locally, people are invited to gather in the chapel of St. Patrick Church between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. The rosary will be prayed every half hour for these intentions. Please join in as we storm heaven.

 Special graces available for sinners.
If you are not a sinner, feel free to ignore this notice and all subsequent First Friday notices.
10:00 a.m. - Mass at St. Francis deSales'
12:05 p.m. - Mass at St. Joseph's
06:15 p.m. - Mass at St. Joseph's
07:15 p.m. - Holy Hour at St. Joseph's

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 09


WE ACKNOWLEDGE WITH GRATITUDE the receipt of contributions to the StJosPar Memorial Fund as follows:

In memory of
Ned H. Lang
Domenica Gerace Long

In memory of
Rita Forte Farrow
Angelo and Kay Barone

In memory of
Angeline Merlino Angelisanti
Angelo and Kay Barone
Mary Genovese Kutch
John and Patricia Kutch
Anthony and Karen Pilo
Joseph and Janet Purcell
Jack and Jan Sorokach
Joseph and Nancy Butensky
Debra Deramo McDonald and sons
Bruce and Marianne Lord

In memory of
Jesse J. Krizno
Angelo and Kay Barone
Joseph and Gerri Lubinsky
Anthony and Karen Pilo

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 10

SAINT JOSEPH PARISH and SAINT FRANCIS deSALES PARISH are tax-exempt, non-profit entities. As such, we are required by law neither to endorse nor to oppose any particular candidate or candidates for public office. It is our intention and our resolution scrupulously to adhere to this requirement.
On the other hand, we are not prohibited from pointing out to our members that certain issues in the public forum impact upon the moral order. We have a right under law and a duty before God to say what these issues are and to delineate the moral content of these issues. We also have a right under law and a duty before God to bring to the attention of our members the positions of the various candidates on these issues.
Lets put it this way: We give you major premises and minor premises, but we don't draw conclusions. We leave completion of syllogisms to the reader.
In this matter as in all matters, we are subject to the Bishop of Allentown, whose judgment we accept as definitive for all practical purposes.


CASEY: "I support same-sex unions that would give gay couples all the rights, privileges and protection of marriage." (Philadelphia Jewish Voice, October 2005)
CASEY: Opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment and supports adoption for same sex couples (Liberty PAC flyer,
CASEY: Calls the restriction of marriage to a male and a female only "a narrow, intolerant ideology" (remarks before human rights gala, Philadelphia, 18 Feb 06)
CASEY: Said that abortion would NOT be his focus if he were elected to the Senate. (Philadelphia Jewish Voice, January, 20006)
CASEY: Opposes abstinence-only education. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 18 December 2005)
CASEY: United States Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said, "To dislodge Santorum would be a pro-choice victory" (New York Times, 24 April 2006)
CASEY: "Yes, I support the morning after pill, because it's about birth control and family planning" (KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh, December 2005)
CASEY: Said that he "would increase federal funding for family planning services" (Philadelphia Jewish Voice, January 2006)
SANTORUM: He is one of the highest ranking pro-life leaders in the US Senate. He secured funding for and pushed for increases for abstinence programs. He pushed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and the Born Alive Infants Protection Law to become law. He opposes the over-the-counter "Morning After Pill". He has voted against family planning programs that promote abortion.
SANTORUM: He supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, believes in the sanctity of marriage and in the restriction of marriage to one man and one woman. He is endorsed by Concerned Women for America and other pro-family groups.

SAINT JOSEPH PARISH and SAINT FRANCIS DESALES PARISH do not engage in advocacy for any candidates for public office. We are neutral in regard to candidates and parties.
However, we are not neutral in regard to abortion or same-sex marriage. We condemn abortion and we abhor the very notion of same-sex marriage or civil unions. This is due to the fact that we are a community of Catholics, but it is due most of all to the fact that we are a community of human beings who, by and large, have not lost our minds.
While maintaining our neutrality, we point out that Senator Santorum, the Republican candidate, is probably the preferred candidate for those who are opposed to abortion and to homosexual marriage, whereas Mr. Casey, the Democratic candidate, is probably the candidate of preference for those who favor abortion and homosexual marriage.
We urge all of our parishioners to vote according to their consciences!
We do so because we are neutral.

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 11/12


In honor of St. Joseph Parish's centennial year, all persons born in 1906 who show up in the parish hall today (1 Oct) between 11:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. are entitled to all the free spaghetti and meatballs they can possibly eat! So, take advantage!
But no sending a friend to bring you a take-out! You have to show up personally. And - oh yes! - bring your Mom or Dad with you to verify your year of birth!
For those born before or after 1906, the spaghetti and meatballs, although not free, are a great bargain. In fact, many persons have said to me: "Father Connolly, you must be out of your cotton-pickin' mind to charge only six dollars for an adult or teenager and three dollars for a child for this superb platter of spaghetti and meatballs, not to mention the bread and butter and salad!"
To which I say: "Well, that may be, my friend! They don't call me 'Crazy Eddie' for nothing! But, you see, the money we lose on each individual customer, we make up in the number of customers served!"


This week, tickets will be mailed out to St. Joseph parishioners. The tickets are for the 100th anniversary dinner to be held on Sunday, 22 October, in the parish hall, at 4:30 p.m. - i.e. after the 3:00 p.m. Mass. We expect Bishop Cullen and Mayor Reiley to be on hand. We hope that we have a full house. Please note that the price of a ticket is $15.00. This is very inexpensive, we think you will agree. We kept the price down, so as to encourage a good attendance. Please purchase the tickets promptly. However, if you are unable to attend, please return them promptly, so that we can know how many to expect. We need to tell the caterer. We are not mailing tickets to StFdS parishioners. However, we would love to see some StFdS people at our celebration! If you would like to buy a ticket, call the Rectory: 622-3081.

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 13





Saturday, 30 September
Vigil of Sunday
6:00 p.m. - FRANK LaPLACA Sr.
by Tony Adams

Sunday, 01 October
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:15 a.m. - EDWARD W. KULL
by his wife, Barbara, and family
12:15 p.m. - FRANCIS J. PURCELL
by his son, Brian, and family

Monday, 02 October
The Guardian Angels (OblMem)
by Christopher J. Chapman

Friday, 06 October
St. Bruno, priest; Bl. Marie Rose Durocher, virgin (OptMems)
10:00 a.m. - MELVIN KERR
rescheduled from 1 Sept

Saturday, 07 October
Vigil of Sunday
6:00 p.m. - FRANK LaPLACA Sr.
by Tony Adams

Sunday, 08 October
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:15 a.m. - FRANCIS J. PURCELL
by his son, Brian, and family
12:15 p.m. - EDWARD W. KULL
by his wife, Barbara, and family

stjos/stfds: 10.01.2006 - 14

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